Taillefer Rocks

The Taillefer Rocks, part of the Schouten Island Group, are three small, rugged, granite islands, with a combined area of approximately 15 hectares (37 acres) lying close to the eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia, near the Freycinet Peninsula and lies within the Freycinet National Park.[1][2]

Taillefer Rocks
Map of Taillefer Rocks and Schouten Island
Taillefer Rocks
Location of Taillefer Rocks in Tasmania
LocationEast coast of Tasmania
Coordinates42°21′36″S 148°18′36″E
ArchipelagoSchouten Island Group
Adjacent bodies of waterTasman Sea
Total islands3
Area15 ha (37 acres)
Local government areaGlamorgan Spring Bay Council
Additional information
Time zone
  Summer (DST)
Freycinet National Park

Flora and fauna

This is one of the few islands where Oyster Bay pines occur.

Recorded breeding seabird species are little penguin, short-tailed shearwater, fairy prion and common diving petrel. Reptiles present include the metallic skink, White's skink, spotted skink and mountain dragon. Australian fur seals haul-out there in small numbers.[2]

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