Taghmon Church

Taghmon Church is a fortified church and National Monument in County Westmeath, Ireland.

Taghmon Church
St. Munna's Church
Tigh Munna
Taghmon Church
53.600833°N 7.266389°W / 53.600833; -7.266389
LocationTaghmon Glebe, Crookedwood, County Westmeath
DenominationChurch of Ireland
Previous denominationPre-Reformation Catholic
DedicationFintán of Taghmon (Munnu)
Functional statusinactive
Years builtearly 15th century
Number of floors4
Official nameTaghmon Church
Reference no.265


Taghmon Church is located 1.8 km (1.1 mi) east of Crookedwood, southeast of Lough Derravaragh.


A monastery was established on the site in the 7th century by Fintán, also called Munna or Munnu. St. Munna's was built as a fortified church in the early 15th century. It was plundered by Farrell Mageoghegan in 1452.[1] After the Reformation the church passed to the Nugent family. It was almost ruined by 1622. The church is recorded as being in use again by the Church of Ireland by 1755 and was restored extensively in 1843.


The church is a single cell with a barrel-vaulted roof. It has battlements with Irish crenellations and a machicolation above the door. The church and tower also have a pronounced base-batter. The tall tower at the west end of the church provided security for the clergy. There is a sheela-na-gig above the first window of the north wall.[2][3][4]

The tower is four storeys high, with vaulted ceilings over the first and third storeys. The second floor was the living area, with fireplace, window seats and a slop stone (a channel through the thickness of a wall for the disposal of waste water).[5] Above this was a bedroom and garderobe.[6]


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