Table of vowels

This table lists the vowel letters of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Vowel fact sheet

name height backness roundness IPA number IPA text IPA image Entity X-SAMPA Sound sample
Close front unrounded vowel closefront unrounded301i ii Sound sample
Close front rounded vowel closefront rounded309y yy Sound sample
Close central unrounded vowel closecentral unrounded317ɨ ɨ1 Sound sample
Close central rounded vowel closecentral rounded318ʉ ʉ} Sound sample
Close back unrounded vowel closeback unrounded316ɯ ɯM Sound sample
Close back rounded vowel closeback rounded308u uu Sound sample
Near-close front unrounded vowel near-closefront unrounded319ɪ ɪI Sound sample
Near-close front rounded vowel near-closefront rounded320ʏ ʏY Sound sample
Near-close back rounded vowel near-closeback rounded321ʊ ʊU Sound sample
Close-mid front unrounded vowel close-midfront unrounded302e ee Sound sample
Close-mid front rounded vowel close-midfront rounded310ø ø2 Sound sample
Close-mid central unrounded vowel close-midcentral unrounded397ɘ ɘ@\ Sound sample
Close-mid central rounded vowel close-midcentral rounded323ɵ ɵ8 Sound sample
Close-mid back unrounded vowel close-midback unrounded315ɤ ɤ7 Sound sample
Close-mid back rounded vowel close-midback rounded307o oo Sound sample
Mid central vowel midcentral undefined322ə ə@ Sound sample
Open-mid front unrounded vowel open-midfront unrounded303ɛ ɛE Sound sample
Open-mid front rounded vowel open-midfront rounded311œ œ9 Sound sample
Open-mid central unrounded vowel open-midcentral unrounded326ɜ ɜ3 Sound sample
Open-mid central rounded vowel open-midcentral rounded395ɞ ɞ3\ Sound sample
Open-mid back unrounded vowel open-midback unrounded314ʌ ʌV Sound sample
Open-mid back rounded vowel open-midback rounded306ɔ ɔO Sound sample
Near-open front unrounded vowel near-openfront unrounded325æ æ{ Sound sample
Near-open central vowel near-opencentral undefined324ɐ ɐ6 Sound sample
Open front unrounded vowel openfront unrounded304a aa Sound sample
Open front rounded vowel openfront rounded312ɶ ɶ& Sound sample
Open back unrounded vowel openback unrounded305ɑ ɑA Sound sample
Open back rounded vowel openback rounded313ɒ ɒQ Sound sample

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