TVP1 (TVP Jeden, Program I Telewizji Polskiej, "Jedynka") is the main public television channel of TVP (Telewizja Polska S.A.), Poland's national broadcaster. It was the first Polish channel to be broadcast and remains one of the most popular today. TVP1 was launched 25 October 1952 (tests) and 23 January 1953 (regular programming).

Launched25 October 1952 (tests)
23 January 1953 (regular programming)
Owned byTelewizja Polska
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
Audience share9.28% (2019, Nielsen[1])
Formerly calledTVP (1952-1970)
TVP1 (1970-1976)
TP1 (1976-1992)
Sister channel(s)TVP2
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 1 (HD)
Cyfrowy PolsatChannel 3 (HD)
nc+Channel 11 (SD)
Channel 211 (HD)
Orange TVChannel 1 (HD)
UPC PolandChannel 1 (HD)
VectraChannel 101 (SD)
Channel 111 (HD)

HD feed

An HD feed was launched on January 2011 as a test broadcast. In June 2012, TVP1 HD was officially launched with the coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012.[2]

SD broadcasting via satellite (Eutelsat Hot Bird) stopped on 7 April 2017.


Current line-up

News show

Talk show/Reporters

  • Sprawa dla reportera (The case for a reporter) - intervention program hosted by Elżbieta Jaworowicz
  • Kwadrans polityczny (Political quarter of an hour) - morning political talk show
  • Warto rozmawiać (It is worth to talk) - controversial talk show, accused of right-wing spinning, hosted by Jan Pospieszalski
  • Magazyn śledczy Anity Gargas - investigative magazine
  • ALARM! - reporters' magazine
  • Magazyn Kryminalny 997 (Crime Magazine 997)

Polish series

Series Type First Aired No. of series No. of episodes
Soap Opera Autumn 1997 20 2962
Comedy Series Spring 2006 10 130
Ojciec Mateusz
(Father Matthew)
Drama, Crime Series Autumn 2008 16 212
Komisarz Alex
(Inspector Alex)
Drama, Crime Series Spring 2012 8 104
Dziewczyny ze Lwowa
(Girls from Lviv)
Drama Series Autumn 2015 2 26
Drama Series Spring 2010 / Autumn 2013 4 52
Korona królów
(The Crown of the Kings)
Historical Fiction, Drama Series Autumn 2017 2 244
(Police station)
Crime Docudrama Spring 2017 1 31
Komisja morderstw
(Commission of Murders)
Crime Series Autumn 2016 1 12
Bodo Drama Series Spring 2016 1 13
Drama Series Spring 2015 2 20
Drama, Crime Series Spring 2015 1 9

Foreign series



Previously on TVP1

Polish TV series

  • Plebania (Presbytery)
  • Dom nad rozlewiskiem (House on water levels)
  • Miłość nad rozlewiskiem (Love on water levels)
  • Życie nad rozlewiskiem (Life on water levels)
  • Nad rozlewiskiem (On water levels)
  • Cisza nad rozlewiskiem (Silence on water levels)
  • Londyńczycy (The Londoners)
  • Ratownicy (Lifeguards)
  • Tak czy nie (Yes or no)
  • Tygrysy Europy (Tigers of Europe)
  • Chichot losu (Cheesy fate)
  • 1920. Wojna i miłość (1920. War & Love)
  • Determinator
  • Siła wyższa (Force majeure)
  • Galeria (CentoVetrine)
  • Dekalog

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