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TLA Releasing is a US film distribution company owned by TLA Entertainment Group. In March 2011, a new LLC was formed for the operation.[1] Its primary output is LGBT-related films from all over the world under the "TLA Releasing" label, as well as horror films under the label "Danger After Dark". Since 2000, they have released over 200 films on DVD and various VOD platforms.

TLA Releasing
Film distribution
HeadquartersUnited States
ProductsMotion pictures, DVDs 

In 2005, they opened a branch in the UK. In June 2011, they announced "TLA Select", a line of Blu-rays of TLA Releasing's most popular films, including Latter Days, Another Gay Movie and Another Gay Sequel, Make the Yuletide Gay, and Boy Culture.[2]

In July 2011, the UK division lost its entire inventory of DVDs when rioters in London burnt down a Sony warehouse.[3] Sony rapidly worked to replenish the lost stock.

Select films released through TLA Releasing

Danger After Dark films

  • Strange Circus (Japan, 2005)
  • Suicide Club (Japan, 2002)
  • Summer Scars (USA, 2007)
  • Danger After Dark Collection (Japan, 2002)
  • Evil (To Kako) (Greece, 2005)
  • Pistoleros (Denmark, 2006)
  • Rapturious (USA, 2007)
  • The Wedding Party (Belgium, 2005)


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