TIPA (software)

TIPA is a free software package providing International Phonetic Alphabet and other phonetic character capabilities for TeX and LaTeX. Written by Rei Fukui (福井玲, Fukui Rei), TIPA is based upon the author's previous work in TSIPA. In 2018, the TeX TIPA Roman font was selected as best representing the IPA symbol set by the International Phonetic Association's Alphabet, Charts and Fonts committee.[1]

TIPA characters are placed within a LaTeX document using any of the following ways: \textipa{...}, {\tipaencoding ...}, or \begin{IPA} ... \end{IPA}.

TIPA supports the symbols in the Phonetic Symbol Guide (though macros are sometimes required) as well as a few idiosyncratic ones, such as a small-capital Q and an lɾ ligature lɾ.




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