TEP80 (ТЭП80) is a Soviet diesel locomotive produced in 1988-1989. Only two locomotives of this model were built.

Type and origin
Power typeDiesel
BuilderKolomensky Zavod[1]
Serial numberTEP 80 0001 - 0002[1]
Build date1988-1989[1]
Total produced2
Gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in) Russian gauge
Axle load22.5 t (22.1 long tons; 24.8 short tons)[1]
Loco weight180.0 t (177.2 long tons; 198.4 short tons)[1]
Prime mover1D49
Engine type(?)
GeneratorGS-519U2 ГС-519У2[2]
Traction motorsED-121VUHL1 (8 of) ЭД-121ВУХЛ1[2]
Performance figures
Maximum speed160 km/h (99 mph)[1]
claimed record speed : 271 km/h (168 mph)
Power output4,400 hp (3,300 kW)[1]
6,000 hp (4,500 kW))[1]
Tractive effort240 kN (54,000 lbf) @ 50 km/h (31 mph)[2]
DispositionTEP80-0001 exhibit at Museum for Railway Technology Novosibirsk TEP80-0002 exhibit at October Railway museum, Saint Petersburg

History and design

The principal designer was V. Khlebnikov; the locomotive utilised an 8-axle articulated design within a single locomotive body, two sets of main bogies each of four axles articulated in a Bo-Bo arrangement.[1]

Unit TEP80-0002 holds the world speed record for a diesel railed vehicle having reached 271 km/h (168 mph) on 5 October 1993.[3] In 2007 the machine was transferred from the Russian Railway research institute (VNIIZhT) to the October railway museum (Музей Октябрьской железной дороги) in Saint Petersburg.[4]

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