T. N. Krishnamurti

Tiruvalam Natarajan Krishnamurti (c.1932 – February 7, 2018) was an Indian meteorologist. He was a Professor emeritus at Florida State University, where prior to his retirement he was the Lawton Distinguished Professor of Meteorology.[1]


Krishnamurti earned his doctorate in 1959 from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the Florida State faculty, he taught at the University of California, Los Angeles.[1]

In 2006, he co-authored An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling, Second Edition, Springer, 317 pp. Textbook (with H. S. Bedi, V. M. Hardiker and L. Ramaswamy), .

In 1985, the American Meteorological Society awarded him the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal.

He won the International Meteorological Organization Prize of the World Meteorological Organization in 1996.[1]

In 2012 the Indian Meteorological Society gave him their Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal.[2] A symposium in his honor was held in 2012 as part of the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in New Orleans.[3]

Krishnamurti died on February 7, 2018 [4]


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