T&T Clark

T&T Clark is a British publishing firm which was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1821 and which now exists as an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.

T&T Clark
Parent companyBloomsbury Publishing
Founded1821 (1821) (in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)
FounderThomas Clark
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Headquarters locationLondon, WC1
Publication typesAcademic journals, books
Nonfiction topicsReligion
Official websitewww.bloomsbury.com


The founder was Thomas Clark, who had a Free Church of Scotland background and the company was originally concerned with law and foreign literature.

In the 1830s, it began to develop a theology list, taking a progressive Evangelical stance and at times, publishing books that were not likely to make a profit. Its most substantial projects were the English translation of the Ante-Nicene Fathers and the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics. These were only viable because of the existence of a large American market; however, in the 1880s the firm got into a dispute with the Fleming H. Revell Company, over the American firm's copyright violation of some of T&T Clark's titles. The Ante-Nicene Library was bootlegged by the Christian Literature Publishing Company, based in New York City, New York. However, this did not prevent T&T Clark from doing business with them.

In 1965, the company began to publish Concilium, an academic journal of Roman Catholic theology.

In 2003, the three religious academic imprints of Sheffield Academic Press, Trinity Press International and T&T Clark were united under one imprint.[1] Continuum was acquired by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2011.

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