Syed Noor

Syed Noor (Punjabi, Urdu: سید نور) is a Pakistani film director based in Lahore.

Syed Noor
Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Noor

21 Feb 1951
Lahore, Pakistan
OccupationFilm director, producer, writer and actor
Years active1970–present
Spouse(s)Rukhsana Noor
Saima Noor[1]

In 1970 Syed Noor (born Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Noor) joined the Pakistani film industry as an assistant to director S. Suleman. Noor assisted S. Suleman for 18 feature films, after which, he penned his first script for the film, "Society Girl" in 1976, which was considered the best film of the year. After the success of his first film, Noor became the prime screenwriting talent in the Pakistani film industry and worked with all the prominent directors of the time.

Syed Noor wrote about 250 films from 1976 to 1992. His written scripts and screenplays were both in Urdu and in Punjabi. As a writer, Noor won many awards in his career, including National Award, Nigaar Award, Graduate Award, Bolan Award, and Asian Award. During his writing career, he was also offered acting opportunities, which he turned down as his ultimate goal was to direct feature films. He had assisted S. Suleman for 5 years with the intention of one day directing his own work.

In 1993, Syed Noor made his directorial debut with the movie, "Qasam," which was successful at the box office. During this time, Pakistani cinema was reigned by Pubjabi films. Syed Noor began to make films with the intention of reviving Urdu cinema, and his second film "Jeeva" and third film "Sargam" realized his intent. Noor also introduced a number of new actors in his films, who went on to have illustrious careers in the film industry. With the success of Urdu movies, now Punjabi films began to disappear from cinemas, especially after the death of Punjabi film superstar, Sultan Rahi. At this point, Noor announced that he would work on Pubjabi films and gave his first Punjabi directorial super hit film, "Choorian," which is still considered one of the most successful films of Pakistani film industry. The vast success of "Choorian" was followed by another film in the Punjabi language, "Majajan," which ran in cinemas for even longer than its predecessor.

With the intent of teaching filmmaking to a new generation, Syed Noor launched Paragon Studios and Paragon Academy of Performing Arts. Partnering with the Mass Communications department of Punjab University, Noor began to teach film as a subject. During this time, multiplex cinemas began to be built in Pakistan and film became digitized, which gave new filmmakers excellent opportunities for new material and projects.

After writing nearly 300 films, directing 55 films, and winning more than 10 National Awards and many other honors, Syed Noor was awarded the highest civilian honor of Pakistan, the "Sitaara-e-Imtiaz" by the Pakistani government.



  • Syed Noor was the screenwriter for film director Sangeeta's successful film Society Girl followed by over 250 more films.


Year Film Language Starring
1984JudaiPunjabi language film
1993QasamUrduIram Hassan, Saleem Sheikh, Kaveeta, Nadeem Baig
1995JeevaUrduResham, Babar Ali, Javed Sheikh, Neeli
SargamUrduZeba Bakhtiar, Adnan Sami, Nadeem
1996HawaienUrduReema Khan, Saud, Meera
Chor Machaye Shor UrduResham, Reema, Sahiba, Rambo, Babar Ali
GhunghatUrduSaima, Resham, Shaan, Andaleeb
Raju Ban Gaya GentlemanUrduJan Rambo, Meera, Laila, Andaleeb, Mohsin Khan
1997Uqabon Ka NashemanUrduReema Khan, Babar Ali, Jan Rambo, Javed Sheikh
SangamUrduResham, Shaan, Sana Nawaz,
Raja PakistaniUrduNirma, Reema Khan, Babar Ali, Sahiba Afzal,
Deewane Tere Pyar KeUrduMoammar Rana, Jia Ali, Nadeem, Yasmin Ismail
1998MuhafizUrduSaima, Nadeem Baig, Jana Malik, Sahiba Afzal,
ZewarUrduReema Khan, Babar Ali, Sahiba Afzal, Jan Rambo
ZorUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Jana Malik
ChoorianPunjabiSaima, Moammar Rana, Nargis
DeewarainUrduSaima, Reema Khan, Babar Ali,
Dupatta Jal Raha HaiUrduArbaz Khan, Resham, Saima Noor, Nadeem
1999Daku RaniUrduSaima, Shaan, Arbaaz Khan,
2000Mehndi Waley HathPunjabiSaima, Moammar Rana, Nagma,
Angaray UrduSaima, Shaan, Deeba,
Jungle QueenUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Saira Khan, Jan Rambo,
BilliUrduSaima, Noor, Meera,
Lakhon Main AikUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Abid Ali,
Beti UrduSaima, Babar Ali, Moammar Rana, Sana
2001DaketUrduSaima, Shaan, Moammar Rana, Resham
Chooriyan Nahin Hathkarian UrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Arbaaz Khan
Uff Yeh BeewiyanUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Reema Khan
Sapne Apne ApneUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Saud
BaghiUrduSaima, Shaan, Saud
2002Sholay UrduSaima, Shaan, Reema Khan
Behram DakuPunjabiSaima, Shaan, Babar Ali
Buddha GujjarPunjabiSaima, Shaan, Resham
2003CommandoUrduSaima, Shaan, Zara Sheikh
Larki PunjabanUrduSaima, Shamyl Khan, Babar Ali
2004Hum Aik HainUrduSaima, Shaan, Shamyl Khan
2006MajajanPunjabiSaima, Shaan, Saud
2007JhoomerUrduSaima, Moammar Rana, Aleena
2010Wohti ley ke jaani ayPunjabiSaima, Shaan, Mustafa Qureshi, Iftikhar Thakur
2011Aik Aur GhaziPunjabiSaima, Heera Malik, Safqat Cheema
JugniPunjabiSaima, Shaan, Moammar Rana
Dane Pay DanaPunjabiSaima, Moammar Rana, Haya Ali
2012ShareekaPunjabiSaima, Shaan
Meri Shadi KaraoBollywood (Syed Noor's debut in India)Gurdeep Mehndi, Sakhawat Naz
2013Ik Si SherPunjabiSaima, Shaan Shahid
2013Devar Bhabhi (Tele film)UrduSaima, Sami Khan, Saud, Sadia Khan
2017 Chain Aye Na Urdu Shehroz Sabzwari, Sarish Khan, Adil Murad, Sobia Khan, Waqar Ali Godhra
TBAPrice of Honour[2][3]UrduAtif Naveed, Danyal, Rakshi
TBA Bhai Wanted [4] Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Khurram Patras, Danish Nawaz
TBA Aina 2 [5] Urdu Shehroz Sabzwari, Nadeem, Shabnam

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