Sydney bus route L90

Sydney bus route L90 is an off-peak only limited-stop bus service operated by State Transit between Palm Beach and Wynyard station. With a distance of 42 kilometres, it is the longest commuter bus route operated by State Transit.[1]

OperatorState Transit
Mona Vale
PredecessorsRoute 190
StartPalm Beach
Mona Vale
Dee Why
Westfield Warringah Mall
Spit Junction
EndWynyard station
Length42 kilometres
Frequency60 minutes


On 3 August 1953, route 150 Palm Beach to Wynyard station was renumbered 190.[2] In the 1990s, route 190 services were renumbered as L90 to designate it was a limited stops service. Early morning and late night all-stops services continue to operate as route 190. Most services use high capacity articulated buses.[3] It was also extended from Wynyard station to Railway Square. In October 2015, this latter section was withdrawn when bus routes along George Street were withdrawn to facilitate CBD and South East Light Rail construction works.[4]

Route L90 is known for its ocean scenery along the journey.[5] It is also popular with hikers planning to walk from Palm Beach back towards Sydney.[6]

In March 2013 Australian diecast model company Transit Graphics released a 1:76 scale model of a Mercedes-Benz O305 bus operating on route L90.[7]

Route 190 was discontinued when the B-Line opened on 26 November 2017.[8] L90 was reduced to a 60 minute frequency during weekday off-peaks and weekends.[9]

Current route

Route L90 operates via these primary locations:[10]


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