Sydney bus route 144

Sydney bus route 144 is operated by State Transit between Manly wharf and Chatswood station. It was Sydney's first government operated bus route.

OperatorState Transit
North Sydney
StartManly wharf
ViaThe Spit
Neutral Bay
Crows Nest
St Leonards
EndChatswood station
Length16 kilometres


In the late 1920s, White Transit Company commenced operating route 144 between Manly wharf and Cremorne Junction where it connected with tram services. It ceased on 31 October 1931, when White Transit Company were forced out of business by the Transport (Co-ordination) Act 1931 with its services deemed to be in competition with tram services, which the act prohibited.[1]

On 25 December 1932, the service was recommenced by the Government of New South Wales, with buses initially hired from White Transit Company. The service was an instant success with over 2,000 passengers carried on the first day alone.[1][2][3]

On 1 April 1933, route 144 was extended to St Leonards, and on 15 April 1965 to Royal North Shore Hospital.[2] It was later extended to Chatswood station. Route 143, which as of 2018 only runs during peak hour, follows the same route, but does not divert via Royal North Shore Hospital.

Current route

Route 144 operates via these primary locations:[4]


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