Swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Women's 100 metre breaststroke

The women's 100 metre breaststroke event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on 8 and 9 April at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Women's 100 metre breaststroke
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
VenueGold Coast Aquatic Centre
Dates8 April (heats, semifinals)
9 April (final)
Competitors26 from 15 nations
Winning time1:06.41
    South Africa


Prior to this competition, the existing world, Commonwealth and Games records were as follows:

World record Lilly King (USA)1:04.13Budapest, Hungary25 July 2017
Commonwealth record Leisel Jones (AUS)1:05.09Melbourne, Australia20 March 2006
Games record Leisel Jones (AUS)1:05.09Melbourne, Australia20 March 2006



The heats were held on 8 April at 11:47.[1]

133Georgia Bohl Australia1:07.40Q
243Tatjana Schoenmaker South Africa1:07.69Q
323Leiston Pickett Australia1:07.72Q
444Kierra Smith Canada1:07.81Q
533Faith Knelson Canada1:08.50Q
624Jessica Hansen Australia1:08.81Q
745Rachel Nicol Canada1:08.87Q
834Sarah Vasey England1:08.95Q
936Chloé Tutton Wales1:09.06Q
1026Molly Renshaw England1:09.40Q
1032Kaylene Corbett South Africa1:09.40Q
1242Corrie Scott Scotland1:09.51Q
1327Laura Kinley Isle of Man1:09.71Q
1425Jocelyn Ulyett England1:09.74Q
1546Alia Atkinson Jamaica1:09.83Q
1631Emily Visagie South Africa1:10.65Q
1737Bronagh Ryan New Zealand1:10.78
1821Niamh Robinson Isle of Man1:11.10
1922Beth Sloan Wales1:11.34
2041Roanne Ho Singapore1:11.92
2148Tilka Paljk Zambia1:12.01
2247Lillian Higgs Bahamas1:12.78
2338Stephanie Brew Isle of Man1:15.06
2414Kirsten Fisher-Marsters Cook Islands1:15.41
2515Oreoluwa Cherebin Grenada1:17.29
2613Aliah Maginley Antigua and Barbuda1:26.15


The semifinals were held on 8 April at 21:03.[2]

Semifinal 1

14Tatjana Schoenmaker South Africa1:06.65Q
25Kierra Smith Canada1:07.64Q
33Jessica Hansen Australia1:07.93Q
46Sarah Vasey England1:08.50Q
51Jocelyn Ulyett England1:08.68
62Molly Renshaw England1:09.22
77Corrie Scott Scotland1:09.32
88Emily Visagie South Africa1:10.80

Semifinal 2

14Georgia Bohl Australia1:07.13Q
23Faith Knelson Canada1:07.30Q
35Leiston Pickett Australia1:07.71Q
42Chloé Tutton Wales1:08.54Q
56Rachel Nicol Canada1:08.67
67Kaylene Corbett South Africa1:09.36
78Alia Atkinson Jamaica1:09.83
81Laura Kinley Isle of Man1:10.93


The final was held on 9 April at 21:12.[3]

4Tatjana Schoenmaker South Africa1:06.41AF
6Kierra Smith Canada1:07.05
5Georgia Bohl Australia1:07.22
43Faith Knelson Canada1:07.84
58Chloé Tutton Wales1:07.87
62Leiston Pickett Australia1:08.04
71Sarah Vasey England1:08.36
87Jessica Hansen Australia1:08.53


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