Swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's 50 metre breaststroke

The men's 50 metre breaststroke event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on 8 and 9 April at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Men's 50 metre breaststroke
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
VenueGold Coast Aquatic Centre
Dates8 April (heats, semifinals)
9 April (final)
Competitors34 from 21 nations
Winning time26.58
    South Africa


Prior to this competition, the existing world, Commonwealth and Games records were as follows:

World record Adam Peaty (GBR)25.95Budapest, Hungary25 July 2017
Commonwealth record Adam Peaty (GBR)25.95Budapest, Hungary25 July 2017
Games record Adam Peaty (ENG)26.74Gold Coast, Australia7 April 2018

The following records were established during the competition:

8 AprilSemifinalAdam Peaty England26.49 GR



The heats were held on 8 April at 10:46.[1]

154Adam Peaty England26.98Q
244Cameron van der Burgh South Africa27.01Q
355Jake Packard Australia27.42Q
434James McKechnie Australia27.53Q
535James Wilby England27.58Q
653Euan Inglis Scotland27.84Q
756Michael Houlie South Africa27.92Q
845Craig Benson Scotland28.06Q
933Mark Campbell Scotland28.10Q
946Liam Hunter Australia28.10Q
1136Brad Tandy South Africa28.17Q
1252Elijah Wall Canada28.29Q
1342Ludovico Corsini Mozambique28.56Q
1443Jamie Graham Northern Ireland28.80Q
1532Izaak Bastian Bahamas29.39Q
1648Epeli Rabua Herbert Fiji29.61Q
1737Taichi Vakasama Taichi Fiji29.79
1825Samuele Rossi Seychelles29.82
1841Guy Davies Isle of Man29.82
2047Corey Ollivierre Grenada29.85
2157David Ebanks Cayman Islands30.04
2224Alexandros Axiotis Zambia30.10
2358Mohammad Islam Bangladesh30.37
2431Ashley Seeto Papua New Guinea30.51
2538Ahllan Bique Mozambique30.52
2623Leonard Kalate Papua New Guinea30.97
2726Jonathan Chung Yee Mauritius31.25
2821Moonakala Kumaren Zambia29.39
2922Jadon Wuilliez Antigua and Barbuda31.38
3027Nikolas Sylvester Saint Vincent and the Grenadines31.64
3113Duwaine Yon Saint Helena36.52
3228Colby Thomas Saint Helena37.41
3314Faletiute Tinapa Tuvalu38.44
3415Scott George Saint Helena40.58
51Ralph Goveia ZambiaDNS


The semifinals were held on 8 April at 20:19.[2]

Semifinal 1

14Cameron van der Burgh South Africa26.95Q
25James McKechnie Australia27.67Q
33Euan Inglis Scotland27.85Q
46Craig Benson Scotland28.00
52Liam Hunter Australia28.05
67Elijah Wall Canada28.52
71Jamie Graham Northern Ireland28.66
88Izaak Bastian Bahamas29.79

Semifinal 2

14Adam Peaty England26.49Q, GR
23James Wilby England27.41Q
35Jake Packard Australia27.55Q
46Michael Houlie South Africa27.64Q
57Brad Tandy South Africa27.99Q
62Mark Campbell Scotland28.07
71Ludovico Corsini Mozambique28.53
88Epeli Rabua Herbert Fiji29.28


The final was held on 9 April at 21:07.[3]

5Cameron van der Burgh South Africa26.58
4Adam Peaty England26.62
3James Wilby England27.37
46Jake Packard Australia27.53
57James McKechnie Australia27.59
62Michael Houlie South Africa27.83
71Euan Inglis Scotland28.03
88Brad Tandy South Africa28.37


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