Swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's 400 metre individual medley

The men's 400 metre individual medley event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on 6 April at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Men's 400 metre individual medley
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
VenueGold Coast Aquatic Centre
Dates6 April
Competitors10 from 7 nations
Winning time4:13.12
    New Zealand


The schedule is as follows:[1]

All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)

Date Time Round
Friday 6 April 201811:26Qualifying
Friday 6 April 201821:17Final


Prior to this competition, the existing world, Commonwealth and Games records were as follows:

World record Michael Phelps (USA)4:03.84Beijing, China10 August 2008
Commonwealth record Max Litchfield (GBR)4:09.62Budapest, Hungary30 July 2017
Games record Dan Wallace (SCO)4:11.04Glasgow, United Kingdom25 July 2014



115Clyde Lewis Australia4:17.25Q
214Ayrton Sweeney South Africa4:18.08Q
324Mark Szaranek Scotland4:18.47Q
425Tristan Cote Canada4:18.73Q
516Bradlee Ashby New Zealand4:18.83Q
613Lewis Clareburt New Zealand4:19.16Q
726Travis Mahoney Australia4:19.17Q
823Joe Litchfield England4:21.34Q
922Lun Grobbelaar South Africa4:22.77
1012Brandon Schuster Samoa4:31.99


4Clyde Lewis Australia4:13.12
3Mark Szaranek Scotland4:13.72
7Lewis Clareburt New Zealand4:14.42NR
45Ayrton Sweeney South Africa4:17.79
52Bradlee Ashby New Zealand4:18.61
68Joe Litchfield England4:19.41
76Tristan Cote Canada4:20.29
81Travis Mahoney Australia4:21.50


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