Swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's 200 metre individual medley

The men's 200 metre individual medley event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on 10 April at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Men's 200 metre individual medley
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
VenueGold Coast Aquatic Centre
Dates10 April
Competitors24 from 14 nations
Winning time1:57.67


Prior to this competition, the existing world, Commonwealth and Games records were as follows:

World record Ryan Lochte (USA)1:54.00Shanghai, China28 July 2011
Commonwealth record Max Litchfield (GBR)1:56.64Budapest, Hungary26 July 2017
Games record Daniel Tranter (AUS)1:57.83Glasgow, United Kingdom29 July 2014

The following records were established during the competition:

10 AprilFinalMitch Larkin Australia1:57.67GR



The heats were held at 11:13.[1]

135Mitch Larkin Australia1:59.02Q
234Clyde Lewis Australia1:59.50Q
336Daniel Wallace Scotland2:00.21Q
414Duncan Scott Scotland2:00.44Q
525Bradlee Ashby New Zealand2:00.57Q
624Mark Szaranek Scotland2:00.58Q
715Xavier Castelli Wales2:00.97Q
812Lewis Clareburt New Zealand2:01.33Q
916Mackenzie Darragh Canada2:01.67
1033Joe Litchfield England2:01.78
1126Jarryd Baxter South Africa2:02.23
1213Travis Mahoney Australia2:02.30
1323Jarvis Parkinson England2:02.85
1427Tristan Cote Canada2:03.09
1532Ayrton Sweeney South Africa2:03.19
1622James Brown Northern Ireland2:03.34
1737Eben Vorster South Africa2:07.11
1821Jason Arthur Ghana2:07.44
1917Brandon Schuster Samoa2:08.44
2031Taichi Vakasama Fiji2:12.35
2138Izaak Bastian Bahamas2:12.87
2211Stefano Mitchell Antigua and Barbuda2:18.59
2328Jadon Wuilliez Antigua and Barbuda2:19.95
2418Samuele Rossi Seychelles2:21.10


The final was held at 20:15.[2]

4Mitch Larkin Australia1:57.67GR
6Duncan Scott Scotland1:57.86
5Clyde Lewis Australia1:58.18
47Mark Szaranek Scotland1:59.24
52Bradlee Ashby New Zealand1:59.59
63Daniel Wallace Scotland1:59.85
78Lewis Clareburt New Zealand2:01.13
81Xavier Castelli Wales2:01.49


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