Swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's 100 metre butterfly

The men's 100 metre butterfly event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on 8 and 9 April at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Men's 100 metre butterfly
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
VenueGold Coast Aquatic Centre
Dates8 April (heats, semifinals)
9 April (final)
Competitors28 from 21 nations
Winning time50.65
    South Africa


Prior to this competition, the existing world, Commonwealth and Games records were as follows:

World record Michael Phelps (USA)49.82Rome, Italy1 August 2009
Commonwealth record Joseph Schooling (SGP)50.39Rio de Janeiro, Brazil12 August 2016
Games record Chad le Clos (RSA)51.29Glasgow, United Kingdom28 July 2014

The following records were established during the competition:

9 AprilFinalChad le Clos South Africa50.65GR



The heats were held on 8 April at 11:35.[1]

144James Guy England53.16Q
223Sean Campsie Scotland53.31Q
343Josiah Binnema Canada53.49Q
345David Morgan Australia53.49Q
524Chad Le Clos South Africa53.67Q
625Jacob Peters England53.72Q
726Mackenzie Darragh Canada53.81Q
834Grant Irvine Australia53.89Q
936Sajan Prakash India54.11Q
1033Calum Jarvis Wales54.26Q
1142Jie Chan Malaysia54.33Q
1232Ralph Goveia Zambia54.58Q
1331Abeiku Jackson Ghana54.79Q
1435Ryan Coetzee South Africa55.03Q
1522Eben Vorster South Africa55.11Q
1641James Brown Northern Ireland55.14Q
1737Igor Mogne Mozambique55.20
1846Cherantha de Silva Sri Lanka55.91
1938Harry Shalamon Jersey56.24
2047Curtis Coulter Northern Ireland56.57
2121Mohammad Nahid Bangladesh56.94
2248Iain McCallum Cayman Islands58.08
2328Stefano Mitchell Antigua and Barbuda58.88
2413Epeli Rabua Herbert Fiji58.91
2514Matt Savitz Gibraltar59.56
2616Gregory Anodin Mauritius1:00.98
2715James Sanderson Gibraltar1:02.14
2812Dillon Gooding Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1:04.05
27N'Nhyn Fernander BahamasDNS


The semifinals were held on 8 April at 20:53.[2]

Semifinal 1

16Grant Irvine Australia51.87Q
25David Morgan Australia52.48Q
32Calum Jarvis Wales53.33Q
44Sean Campsie Scotland53.40Q
43Jacob Peters England53.40Q
67Ralph Goveia Zambia54.10
71Ryan Coetzee South Africa54.17
88James Brown Northern Ireland55.13

Semifinal 2

14James Guy England52.34Q
23Chad Le Clos South Africa52.56Q
35Josiah Binnema Canada53.41Q
46Mackenzie Darragh Canada53.43
52Sajan Prakash India54.12
67Jie Chan Malaysia54.56
78Eben Vorster South Africa54.75
81Abeiku Jackson Ghana54.79


The final was held on 9 April at 21:59.[3]

6Chad Le Clos South Africa50.65GR
5James Guy England51.31
4Grant Irvine Australia51.50
43David Morgan Australia51.94
58Josiah Binnema Canada53.11
51Jacob Peters England53.11
72Calum Jarvis Wales53.36
87Sean Campsie Scotland53.51


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