Swimming at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 400 metre individual medley

The men's 400 metre individual medley event in swimming at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships took place on 4 August at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain.[1][2]

Men's 400 metre individual medley
at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships
VenuePalau Sant Jordi
DatesAugust 4, 2013 (heats & final)
Competitors39 from 34 nations
Winning time4:08.69
    United States


Prior to this competition, the existing world and championship records were:

World record  Michael Phelps (USA)4:03.84Beijing, China10 August 2008[3][4]
Competition record  Chase Kalisz (USA)4:05.90Budapest, Hungary30 July 2017[5]



The heats were held at 10:00.[6]

135Chase Kalisz United States4:11.87Q
224Daiya Seto Japan4:12.96Q
346Tyler Clary United States4:13.55Q
444Kosuke Hagino Japan4:13.80Q
525Dávid Verrasztó Hungary4:13.95Q
626Daniel Wallace Great Britain4:14.15Q
734Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia4:14.52Q
842Thiago Pereira Brazil4:15.81Q
923Roberto Pavoni Great Britain4:15.90
1045Federico Turrini Italy4:15.96
1143Yannick Lebherz Germany4:16.23
1248Alexis Santos Portugal4:16.30NR
1327Alec Page Canada4:16.62
1433Luca Marin Italy4:17.71
1536Gal Nevo Israel4:17.95
1621Jakub Maly Austria4:19.21
1731Michael Meyer South Africa4:21.17
1838Simon Sjödin Sweden4:21.74
1930Yury Suvorau Belarus4:21.82NR
2032Maksym Shemberev Ukraine4:22.65
2147Kevin Wedel Germany4:23.18
2228Nathan Capp New Zealand4:23.27
2349Pedro Pinotes Angola4:23.36
2419Taki Mrabet Tunisia4:23.39
2517Christoph Meier Liechtenstein4:23.90NR
2620Anton Sveinn McKee Iceland4:23.99NR
2741Ward Bauwens Belgium4:25.07
2816Pavel Janeček Czech Republic4:25.14
2937Shi Yi China4:25.42
3015Alpkan Ornek Turkey4:28.22
3114Nikola Dimitrov Bulgaria4:28.73
3212Povilas Strazdas Lithuania4:29.05
3313Bogdan Knežević Serbia4:29.94
3411Nuttapong Ketin Thailand4:30.67
3529Ezequiel Trujillo Aviles Mexico4:30.73
3639Mohamed Gadallh Egypt4:32.95
3740Im Tae-Jeong South Korea4:34.69
3810Bartal Hofgaard Hestoy Faroe Islands4:35.37NR
3918Ayman Klzie Syria4:41.12
22Raphaël Stacchiotti LuxembourgDNS


The final was held at 18:15.[7]

5Daiya Seto Japan4:08.69
4Chase Kalisz United States4:09.22
8Thiago Pereira Brazil4:09.48
43Tyler Clary United States4:10.38
56Kosuke Hagino Japan4:10.77
62Dávid Verrasztó Hungary4:13.68
77Daniel Wallace Great Britain4:13.72
81Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia4:17.46


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