Swimming at the 2013 Mediterranean Games – Men's 100 metre breaststroke

The men's 100 metre breaststroke competition of the swimming events at the 2013 Mediterranean Games took place on June 21 at the Mersin Olympic Swimming Pool in Mersin, Turkey.[1]

Men's 100 metre breaststroke
at the 2013 Mediterranean Games
DatesJune 21, 2013
Competitors19 from 13 nations
Winning time1:00.86

The race consisted of two lengths of the pool in breaststroke.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Mediterranean Games records were as follows:

World record  Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) 58.46 London, Great Britain July 29, 2012
Mediterranean Games record  Melquiades Alvarez (ESP) 1:00.45 Pescara, Italy June 27, 2009


All times are in minutes and seconds.

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Rank Heat Lane Athlete Time Notes
124 Andrea Toniato (ITA)1:01.95Q
223 Demir Atasoy (TUR)1:02.13Q
325 Panagiotis Samilidis (GRE)1:02.31Q
434 Fabio Scozzoli (ITA)1:02.94Q
514 Damir Dugonjič (SLO)1:02.95Q
636 Dimitrios Koulouris (GRE)1:03.02Q
733 Ömer Aslanoglu (TUR)1:03.21Q
816 Patrick Perisser (FRA)1:03.44Q
913 William Debourges (FRA)1:03.81
1026 Hector Monteagudo (ESP)1:04.38
1115 Matjaž Markič (SLO)1:04.89
1232 Abdelkader Afane (ALG)1:05.40
1327 Igor Terzić (SRB)1:06.14
1437 Damjan Petrovski (MKD)1:06.42
1512 Lefkios Xanthou (CYP)1:07.54
1622 Adam Allouche (LIB)1:10.78
1717 Donado Dervishi (ALB)1:11.89
1831 Yousuf Eltagouri (LBA)1:16.83
35 Čaba Silađi (SRB)DNS



Rank Lane Athlete Time Notes
6 Fabio Scozzoli (ITA)1:00.86
4 Andrea Toniato (ITA)1:01.23
3 Panagiotis Samilidis (GRE)1:01.71
45 Demir Atasoy (TUR)1:02.04
52 Damir Dugonjič (SLO)1:02.14
67 Dimitrios Koulouris (GRE)1:02.85
78 Patrick Perisser (FRA)1:03.09
81 Ömer Aslanoglu (TUR)1:03.37


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