Swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre freestyle

The men's 200 metre freestyle event at the 2012 Summer Olympics took place on 29–30 July at the London Aquatics Centre in London, United Kingdom.[1]

Men's 200 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
VenueLondon Aquatics Centre
DateJuly 29, 2012 (heats &
July 30, 2012 (final)
Competitors41 from 29 nations
Winning time1:43.14
Yannick Agnel  France
Sun Yang  China
Park Tae-Hwan  South Korea

After overhauling the Americans in the 4x100 freestyle relay with a stunning anchor leg, France's Yannick Agnel pulled away from a star-studded field by over a full body length to earn his second Olympic gold in swimming at these Games. Billed as the "Race of the Century", he came up again with a spectacular swim on the final stretch to hit the wall first in 1:43.14, posting a textile best in the process and moving rapidly to third in the world's all time rankings.[2][3] Meanwhile, South Korea's Park Tae-Hwan and China's Sun Yang tied for the silver medal in a matching time of 1:44.93, following a dramatic rivalry in the 400 m freestyle final two days earlier.[4][5]

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, the reigning world champion, missed the podium by 11-hundredths of a second with a fourth-place time in 1:45.04.[6][7] Germany's world-record holder Paul Biedermann faded down the stretch to pick up a fifth spot in 1:45.53, edging out British home favorite Robbie Renwick by a full body length with a highly-creditable, sixth-place effort (1:46.53).[8][9] Australia's Thomas Fraser-Holmes (1:46.93) and Russia's Danila Izotov (1:47.75) also vied for an Olympic medal to round out the stellar championship field.[5]

Notable swimmers missed out the final roster featuring Lochte's teammate Ricky Berens, who replaced Michael Phelps to fill out the slot for the Americans but placed ninth (1:46.87); and Switzerland's Dominik Meichtry, a sixth-place finalist in Beijing four years earlier, who finished fifteenth in the semifinals (1:48.25).[10]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Paul Biedermann (GER)1:42.00Rome, Italy28 July 2009
Olympic record Michael Phelps (USA)1:42.96Beijing, China12 August 2008




155Sun Yang China1:46.24Q
254Ryan Lochte United States1:46.45Q
364Yannick Agnel France1:46.60Q
445Danila Izotov Russia1:46.61Q
565Park Tae-hwan South Korea1:46.79Q
642Robert Renwick Great Britain1:46.86Q
762Kenrick Monk Australia1:46.94Q
853Ricky Berens United States1:47.07Q
957Dominik Kozma Hungary1:47.18Q
1044Paul Biedermann Germany1:47.27Q
1163Sebastiaan Verschuren Netherlands1:47.31Q
1243Grégory Mallet France1:47.39Q
1366Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia1:47.50Q
1452Brett Fraser Cayman Islands1:47.74Q
1567Artem Lobuzov Russia1:47.91Q
1646Dominik Meichtry Switzerland1:47.97Q
1733Blake Worsley Canada1:48.14
1861Matthew Stanley New Zealand1:48.19
1941Ieuan Lloyd Great Britain1:48.52
2068Shaune Fraser Cayman Islands1:48.53
2134Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or Israel1:48.60
2235Cristian Quintero Valero Venezuela1:48.71
2356Li Yunqi China1:48.72
2447Clemens Rapp Germany1:48.75
2537Glenn Surgeloose Belgium1:48.77
2658Benjamin Hockin Paraguay1:48.91
2732David Brandl Austria1:49.00
51Dion Dreesens Netherlands
2948Marco Belotti Italy1:49.14
3036Ahmed Mathlouthi Tunisia1:49.68
3125Matias Koski Finland1:49.84
3224Radovan Siljevski Serbia1:51.40
3322Mario Montoya Costa Rica1:51.66
3423Sebastián Jahnsen Madico Peru1:52.36
3538Tiago Venâncio Portugal1:52.36
3626Jessie Lacuna Philippines1:52.91
3714Nicholas Schwab Dominican Republic1:53.41NR
3827Raul Martinez Colomer Puerto Rico1:54.23
3915Mathieu Marquet Mauritius1:58.91
4013Anderson Lim Brunei2:02.26NR
31Mads Glæsner DenmarkDNS


Semifinal 1

12Paul Biedermann Germany1:46.10Q
24Ryan Lochte United States1:46.31Q
33Robbie Renwick Great Britain1:46.65Q
5Danila Izotov RussiaQ
56Ricky Berens United States1:46.87
61Brett Fraser Cayman Islands1:47.01
77Grégory Mallet France1:47.56
88Dominik Meichtry Switzerland1:48.25

Semifinal 2

14Sun Yang China1:45.61Q
25Yannick Agnel France1:45.84Q
33Park Tae-hwan South Korea1:46.02Q
41Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia1:46.80Q
52Dominik Kozma Hungary1:46.93
67Sebastiaan Verschuren Netherlands1:46.95
76Kenrick Monk Australia1:47.38
88Artem Lobuzov Russia1:48.26


5Yannick Agnel France1:43.14NR
4Sun Yang China1:44.93NR
3Park Tae-hwan South Korea
42Ryan Lochte United States1:45.04
56Paul Biedermann Germany1:45.53
61Robbie Renwick Great Britain1:46.53
78Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia1:46.93
87Danila Izotov Russia1:47.75


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