Swimming at the 2010 Commonwealth Games – Men's 200 metre breaststroke

The Men's 200 metre breaststroke event at the 2010 Commonwealth Games took place on October 9, 2010, at the SPM Swimming Pool Complex.[1]

Three heats were held. The heat in which a swimmer competed did not formally matter for advancement, as the swimmers with the top eight times from the entire field qualified for the finals.[1]


Heat 1

13Robert Holderness Wales2:13.97Q
25Scott Dickens Canada2:15.42
34Richard Webb England2:16.83
46Sandeep Sejwal India2:17.13
52Ian Black Jersey2:25.02

Heat 2

14Michael Jamieson Scotland2:12.83Q
23Andrew Willis England2:13.42Q
35Craig Calder Australia2:14.01Q
46Glenn Snyders New Zealand2:14.05Q
52Michael Dawson Northern Ireland2:22.77
67Puneet Rana India2:25.58

Heat 3

15Kristopher Gilchrist Scotland2:12.76Q
23Christian Sprenger Australia2:13.50Q
34Brenton Rickard Australia2:13.91Q
46Andrew Bree Northern Ireland2:16.66
52See Yap Malaysia2:22.01
67Raymond Edwards Barbados2:29.93


2Brenton Rickard Australia2:10.89CG
5Michael Jamieson Scotland2:10.97
6Christian Sprenger Australia2:11.44
43Andrew Willis England2:11.49
54Kristopher Gilchrist Scotland2:11.77
67Robert Holderness Wales2:11.85
71Craig Calder Australia2:13.39
88Glenn Snyders New Zealand2:14.42


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