Swimming at the 2001 World Aquatics Championships

The swimming events of the 2001 World Aquatics Championships were held in a temporary pool at Marine Messe in Fukuoka, Japan in July 2001. This edition of the championships featured 20 events for both men and women, including the introduction of a 50 m event in all strokes and equality in the distance freestyle events, with both men and women swimming both 800 and 1500 m.

The swimming event resulted in eight world records and Australia topping the medal tally with 13 golds, although the USA claimed 26 total medals to 19 for Australia. The men's FINA Trophy (top individual performers) was awarded to Australia's Ian Thorpe for his three individual wins and three world records. Inge de Bruijn (the Netherlands) won the women's FINA Trophy for three individual wins. Australia swept the men's relays and won two of three of the women's relays, although were subsequently disqualified in the women's 4×200 m freestyle for a post-race infraction jumping into the pool before all teams had finished.[1]

The Seiko timing system used for the swimming events at the championships experienced some faults with the touch pads throughout the eight days of competition causing controversy amongst teams and media.[1]

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Japan)

1 Australia (AUS)133319
2 United States (USA)99826
3 Germany (GER)36615
4 Netherlands (NED)3407
5 Ukraine (UKR)3104
6 China (CHN)2237
7 Italy (ITA)2226
8 Sweden (SWE)1326
9 Great Britain (GBR)1247
10 Russia (RUS)1236
11 Romania (ROM)1124
12 Hungary (HUN)1012
13 Austria (AUT)0202
14 Iceland (ISL)0112
15 Costa Rica (CRC)0101
 Poland (POL)0101
  Switzerland (SUI)0101
18 Japan (JPN)*0044
19 South Africa (RSA)0011
Totals (19 nations)404140121

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
50m freestyle
 Anthony Ervin (USA)22.09  Pieter van den Hoogenband (NED)22.16  Roland Schoeman (RSA)
 Tomohiro Yamanoi (JPN)
100m freestyle
 Anthony Ervin (USA)48.33
 Pieter van den Hoogenband (NED)48.43  Lars Frölander (SWE)48.79
200m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)1:44.06
 Pieter van den Hoogenband (NED)1:45.81  Klete Keller (USA)1:47.10
400m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)3:40.17
 Grant Hackett (AUS)3:42.51  Emiliano Brembilla (ITA)3:45.11
800m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)7:39.16
 Grant Hackett (AUS)7:40.34  Graeme Smith (GBR)7:51.12
1500m freestyle
 Grant Hackett (AUS)14:34.56
 Graeme Smith (GBR)14:58.94  Alexei Filipets (RUS)15:01.43
50m backstroke
 Randall Bal (USA)25.34  Thomas Rupprath (GER)25.44  Matt Welsh (AUS)25.49
100m backstroke
 Matt Welsh (AUS)54.31
 Örn Arnarson (ISL)54.75  Steffen Driesen (GER)54.91
200m backstroke
 Aaron Peirsol (USA)1:57.13
 Markus Rogan (AUT)1:58.07  Örn Arnarson (ISL)1:58.37
50m breaststroke
 Oleg Lisogor (UKR)27.52
 Roman Sloudnov (RUS)27.60  Domenico Fioravanti (ITA)27.72
100m breaststroke
 Roman Sloudnov (RUS)1:00.16  Domenico Fioravanti (ITA)1:00.47  Ed Moses (USA)1:00.61
200m breaststroke
 Brendan Hansen (USA)2:10.69
 Maxim Podoprigora (AUT)2:11.09  Kosuke Kitajima (JPN)2:11.21
50m butterfly
 Geoff Huegill (AUS)23.50  Lars Frölander (SWE)23.57  Mark Foster (GBR)23.62
100m butterfly
 Lars Frölander (SWE)52.10
 Ian Crocker (USA)52.25  Geoff Huegill (AUS)52.36
200m butterfly
 Michael Phelps (USA)1:54.58
 Tom Malchow (USA)1:55.28  Anatoly Polyakov (RUS)1:55.68
200m I.M.
 Massimiliano Rosolino (ITA)1:59.71  Tom Wilkens (USA)2:00.73  Justin Norris (AUS)2:00.91
400m I.M.
 Alessio Boggiatto (ITA)4:13.15  Erik Vendt (USA)4:15.36  Tom Wilkens (USA)4:15.94
4 × 100 m
 Free Relay
 Australia (AUS)
Michael Klim (49.12)
Ashley Callus (48.31)
Todd Pearson (48.80)
Ian Thorpe (47.87)
 Netherlands (NED)
Mark Veens (49.80)
Johan Kenkhuis (48.56)
Klaas-Erik Zwering (49.18)
Pieter van den Hoogenband (47.02)
3:14.56  Germany (GER)
Stefan Herbst (50.54)
Torsten Spanneberg (48.86)
Lars Conrad (49.08)
Sven Lodziewski (49.04)
4 × 200 m
 Free Relay
 Australia (AUS)
Grant Hackett (1:46.11)
Michael Klim (1:46.49)
Bill Kirby (1:47.92)
Ian Thorpe (1:44.14)
 Italy (ITA)
Emiliano Brembilla (1:48.19)
Matteo Pelliciari (1:48.02)
Andrea Beccari (1:47.97)
Massimiliano Rosolino (1:46.68)
7:10.86  United States (USA)
Scott Goldblatt (1:49.00)
Nate Dusing (1:48.78)
Chad Carvin (1:48.41)
Klete Keller (1:47.50)
4 × 100 m medley relay
 Australia (AUS)
Matt Welsh (55.19)
Regan Harrison (1:00.80)
Geoff Huegill (51.39)
Ian Thorpe (47.97)
 Germany (GER)
Steffen Driesen (55.22)
Jens Kruppa (1:01.06)
Thomas Rupprath (51.96)
Torsten Spanneberg (48.10)
3:36.34  Russia (RUS)
Vladislav Aminov (55.63)
Dmitry Komornikov (1:00.90)
Vladislav Kulikov (52.01)
Dmitry Chernyshov (49.23)

Legend: WR World record; CR Championship record


Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 freestyle
 Inge de Bruijn (NED)24.47  Therese Alshammar (SWE)24.88  Sandra Völker (GER)24.96
100 freestyle
 Inge de Bruijn (NED)54.18  Katrin Meissner (GER)55.07  Sandra Völker (GER)55.11
200 freestyle
 Giaan Rooney (AUS)1:58.57  Yang Yu (CHN)1:58.78  Camelia Potec (ROM)1:58.85
400 freestyle
 Yana Klochkova (UKR)4:07.30  Claudia Poll (CRC)4:09.15  Hannah Stockbauer (GER)4:09.36
800 freestyle
 Hannah Stockbauer (GER)8:24.66  Diana Munz (USA)8:28.84  Kaitlin Sandeno (USA)8:31.45
1500 freestyle
 Hannah Stockbauer (GER)16:01.02
 Flavia Rigamonti (SUI)16:05:99  Diana Munz (USA)16:07.05
50 backstroke
 Haley Cope (USA)28.51  Antje Buschschulte (GER)28.53  Natalie Coughlin (USA)28.54
100 backstroke
 Natalie Coughlin (USA)1:00.37  Diana Mocanu (ROM)1:00.68  Antje Buschschulte (GER)1:01.42
200 backstroke
 Diana Mocanu (ROM)2:09.94  Stanislava Komarova (RUS)2:10.43  Joanna Fargus (GBR)2:11.05
50 breaststroke
 Luo Xuejuan (CHN)30.84  Kristy Kowal (USA)31.37  Zoë Baker (GBR)31.40
100 breaststroke
 Luo Xuejuan (CHN)1:07.18
 Leisel Jones (AUS)1:07.96  Ágnes Kovács (HUN)1:08.50
200 breaststroke
 Ágnes Kovács (HUN)2:24.90
 Qi Hui (CHN)2:25.09  Luo Xuejuan (CHN)2:25.29
50 butterfly
 Inge de Bruijn (NED)25.90
 Therese Alshammar (SWE)26.18  Anna-Karin Kammerling (SWE)26.45
100 butterfly
 Petria Thomas (AUS)58.27
 Otylia Jędrzejczak (POL)58.72  Junko Onishi (JPN)58.88
200 butterfly
 Petria Thomas (AUS)2:06.73
 Annika Mehlhorn (GER)2:06.97  Kaitlin Sandeno (USA)2:08.52
200 I.M.
 Maggie Bowen (USA)2:11.93  Yana Klochkova (UKR)2:12.30  Qi Hui (CHN)2:12.46
400 I.M.
 Yana Klochkova (UKR)4:36.98  Maggie Bowen (USA)4:39.06  Beatrice Căslaru (ROM)4:39.33
 free relay
 Germany (GER)
  Petra Dallmann (55.33)
  Antje Buschschulte (55.13)
  Katrin Meissner (54.07)
  Sandra Völker (55.05)
3:39.58  United States (USA)
  Colleen Lanne (56.15)
  Erin Phenix (54.68)
  Maritza Correia (54.94)
  Courtney Shealy (55.03)

 Great Britain (GBR)
  Alison Sheppard (56.15)
  Melanie Marshall (55.22)
  Rosalind Brett (54.76)
  Karen Pickering (54.67)
3:40.80 not awarded
4 × 200 m freestyle relay[1]
 Great Britain (GBR)
  Nicola Jackson (2:00.05)
  Janine Belton (2:00.64)
  Karen Legg (1:58.95)
  Karen Pickering (1:59.05)
7:58.69  Germany (GER)
  Silvia Szalai (2:00.39)
  Sara Harstick (1:59.48)
  Hannah Stockbauer (1:59.06)
  Meike Freitag (2:02.42)
8:01.35  Japan (JPN)
  Maki Mita (2:00.38)
  Tomoko Hagiwara (1:59.25)
  Tomoko Nagai (2:00.98)
  Eri Yamanoi (2:02.36)
4 × 100 m medley relay
 Australia (AUS)
  Dyana Calub (1:02.80)
  Leisel Jones (1:07.68)
  Petria Thomas (57.65)
  Sarah Ryan (54.09)
 United States (USA)
  Natalie Coughlin (1:00.18)
  Megan Quann (1:07.67)
  Mary DeScenza (59.59)
  Erin Phenix (54.37)
4:01.81  China (CHN)
  Zhan Shu (1:01.97)
  Luo Xuejuan (1:06.47)
  Ruan Yi (59.74)
  Xu Yanwei (54.35)

Legend: WR World record; CR Championship record

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  1. In the Women's 4×200 m freestyle relay, the Australian team finished first but was disqualified for jumping into the pool in celebration before all teams finished the race. The US team finished second, but was disqualified for improper changeover. This was later blamed on the faulty touchpad. In accordance with the decision of the FINA Bureau (2001, Bangkok): “To avoid any reasonable doubt regarding the result of the Women’s relay 4x200m Freestyle Final of the 9th FINA World Championships in Fukuoka but without unfairly changing the official results of the race, the Bureau decided to grant a second set of gold medals to the USA team." The members of the USA team were: Natalie Coughlin, Diana Munz, Cristina Teuscher, Julie Hardt (7:58.13).
    Jean-Louis Meuret (2007), HistoFINA Volume IV – Tome IV. MEDALLISTS AND STATISTICS. Special FINA WORLD SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS (50 m.) Before Rome 2009.
    SWIMMING; Thorpe Wins; U.S. Relay Is Disqualified. New York Times (July 26, 2001)
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