Swimming at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre freestyle

The men's 200 metre freestyle event at the 1996 Summer Olympics took place on 20 July at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center in Atlanta, United States.[1]

Men's 200 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad
VenueGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center
Date20 July 1996 (heats & finals)
Competitors43 from 36 nations
Winning time1:47.63 NR
Danyon Loader  New Zealand
Gustavo Borges  Brazil
Daniel Kowalski  Australia


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Giorgio Lamberti (ITA)1:46.69Bonn, West Germany15 August 1989
Olympic record Yevgeny Sadovyi (EUN)1:46.70Barcelona, Spain27 July 1992



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[2]

153Anders Holmertz Sweden1:48.41Q
244Danyon Loader New Zealand1:48.48Q
354Josh Davis United States1:48.63Q
465Pieter van den Hoogenband Netherlands1:48.68Q
552Massimiliano Rosolino Italy1:48.80Q
663Daniel Kowalski Australia1:48.92Q
741Gustavo Borges Brazil1:49.00Q
842Paul Palmer Great Britain1:49.05QSO
45Jani Sievinen FinlandQSO
1064Michael Klim Australia1:49.17q
1147Aimo Heilmann Germany1:49.57q
1246Vladimir Pyshnenko Russia1:49.79q
1356Pier Maria Siciliano Italy1:49.88q
1466Antti Kasvio Finland1:50.55q, WD
1555John Piersma United States1:50.59q
1661Jacob Carstensen Denmark1:50.79q
1748Nicolae Butacu Romania1:50.83q
1867Andrew Clayton Great Britain1:51.06
1933Miroslav Vučetić Croatia1:51.26NR
2043Attila Czene Hungary1:51.59
62Trent Bray New Zealand
2268Aleksey Yegorov Kazakhstan1:51.66
2358Shunsuke Ito Japan1:51.97
2451Christophe Bordeau France1:52.17
2557Miklós Kollár Hungary1:52.19
2631Koh Yun-ho South Korea1:52.80NR
2714Carlos Santander Venezuela1:53.13NR
2837Vyacheslav Kabanov Uzbekistan1:53.36
2935Earl McCarthy Ireland1:53.67
3034Dimitrios Manganas Greece1:53.84
3136Salim Iles Algeria1:54.10NR
3226José Isaza Panama1:54.58
3338Torlarp Sethsothorn Thailand1:54.73
3423Jure Bučar Slovenia1:54.75
3521Raymond Papa Philippines1:54.77
3624Bartosz Sikora Poland1:55.33
3725Sng Ju Wei Singapore1:55.51
3822Dmitry Lapin Kyrgyzstan1:55.52
3913Carl Probert Fiji1:56.33
4028Felipe Delgado Ecuador1:55.52
4132Andrei Zaharov Moldova1:57.47
4227Denys Zavhorodniy Ukraine1:58.67
4315Thamer Al-Shamroukh Kuwait2:13.75


15Paul Palmer Great Britain1:48.89QSO*
4Jani Sievinen FinlandQSO

* Palmer and Sievinen tied for first place in their swimoff and are required to swim for another attempt, but the latter elected to withdraw from the race, allowing the former to advance to the final A by default.
ˆ Because Sievinen scratched out from the competition, the vacant spot was distributed to the next best-ranked swimmer, not yet qualified, in the heats.



Final B

95Aimo Heilmann Germany1:48.81
104Michael Klim Australia1:49.50
113Vladimir Pyshnenko Russia1:49.55
122John Piersma United States1:49.90
136Pier Maria Siciliano Italy1:50.07
147Jacob Carstensen Denmark1:50.54
158Andrew Clayton Great Britain1:50.59
161Nicolae Butacu Romania1:51.46

Final A

5Danyon Loader New Zealand1:47.63NR
1Gustavo Borges Brazil1:48.08SA
7Daniel Kowalski Australia1:48.25
46Pieter van den Hoogenband Netherlands1:48.36NR
54Anders Holmertz Sweden1:48.42
62Massimiliano Rosolino Italy1:48.50
73Josh Davis United States1:48.54
88Paul Palmer Great Britain1:49.39


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