Swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre freestyle

The men's 200-metre freestyle event at the 1988 Summer Olympics took place on 18–19 September at the Jamsil Indoor Swimming Pool in Seoul, South Korea.[1]

Men's 200 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
VenueJamsil Indoor Swimming Pool
Date18 September 1988 (heats)
19 September 1988 (finals)
Competitors63 from 41 nations
Winning time1:47.25 WR
Duncan Armstrong  Australia
Anders Holmertz  Sweden
Matt Biondi  United States

Australia's Duncan Armstrong set a new world record to win the Olympic title in the event. Swimming in lane six and coming from third at the final turn, he edged out a vastly experienced field for the gold medal in 1:47.25. His time also sliced 0.19 seconds off the global standard set by West Germany's Michael Gross at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.[2]

Sweden's Anders Holmertz overtook U.S. swimmer Matt Biondi about midway through the final stretch, but could not catch Armstrong near the wall to finish with a silver in 1:47.89. Leading almost the entire race, Biondi faded down the stretch to break the 1:48 barrier and take the bronze at 1:47.99.[3][4]

Poland's Artur Wojdat, a top qualifier on the morning preliminaries, dropped off the podium to a fourth-place time in 1:48.40. Meanwhile, Groß missed a chance to defend his Olympic title with a fifth-place finish in 1:48.59.[4]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Michael Gross (FRG)1:47.44Los Angeles, United States29 July 1984
Olympic record Michael Gross (FRG)1:47.44Los Angeles, United States29 July 1984

The following records were established during the competition:

19 SeptemberFinal ADuncan Armstrong Australia1:47.25WR



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[5]

17Artur Wojdat Poland1:48.02Q, NR
27Matt Biondi United States1:48.39Q
38Michael Gross West Germany1:48.55Q
48Duncan Armstrong Australia1:48.86Q
58Troy Dalbey United States1:48.96Q
67Thomas Fahrner West Germany1:49.02Q
77Steffen Zesner East Germany1:49.13Q
86Anders Holmertz Sweden1:49.28Q
98Roberto Gleria Italy1:49.51q
108Thomas Flemming East Germany1:49.52q
116Stéphan Caron France1:49.66q, WD
126Giorgio Lamberti Italy1:50.47q, WD
136Aleksey Kuznetsov Soviet Union1:50.84q
146Mariusz Podkościelny Poland1:50.95q
156Tom Stachewicz Australia1:51.02q
165Shigeo Ogata Japan1:51.14q
177Franz Mortensen Denmark1:51.15q
186Paul Howe Great Britain1:51.22q
197Carlos Scanavino Uruguay1:51.42
206Alberto Bottini Switzerland1:51.45
217Tommy Werner Sweden1:51.96
228Iurie Başcatov Soviet Union1:52.04
238Cristiano Michelena Brazil1:52.32
244Patrick Dybiona Netherlands1:52.67
254Stéfan Voléry Switzerland1:52.94
264Rodrigo González Mexico1:52.99
275Michael Green Great Britain1:53.03
285Magnús Ólafsson Iceland1:53.05
285Daniel Serra Spain1:53.05
305Júlio César Rebolal Brazil1:53.16
315Jan Larsen Denmark1:53.61
324Ignacio Escamilla Mexico1:53.63
335Jean-Marie Arnould Belgium1:53.73
345Zoltán Szilágyi Hungary1:53.75
357Ludovic Depickère France1:53.81
364Salvador Vassallo Puerto Rico1:53.82
378Norbert Ágh Hungary1:54.72
384Yves Clausse Luxembourg1:54.90
394Xie Jun China1:55.04
403René Concepcion Philippines1:55.58
413Alexander Placheta Austria1:56.11
424Vaughan Smith Zimbabwe1:56.13
432David Lim Singapore1:56.44
442Joseph Eric Buhain Philippines1:56.84
452Kwon Sang-won South Korea1:56.88
462Oon Jin Gee Singapore1:57.28
473Moustafa Amer Egypt1:57.50
483Richard Sam Bera Indonesia1:57.60
493Jonathan Sakovich Guam1:57.72
503Stephen Cullen Ireland1:57.90
512Arthur Li Kai Yien Hong Kong1:58.10
523Hakan Eskioğlu Turkey1:58.45
533Jeffrey Ong Malaysia1:58.62
542Kwon Soon-kun South Korea1:58.95
551Wu Ming-hsun Chinese Taipei2:00.43
562Tsang Yi Ming Hong Kong2:01.02
572Richard Gheel Ireland2:01.73
581Hans Foerster Virgin Islands2:01.94
591Kristan Singleton Virgin Islands2:06.45
601Jason Chute Fiji2:09.05
611Mohamed Bin Abid United Arab Emirates2:09.43
621Ahmad Faraj United Arab Emirates2:13.21
631Émile Lahoud Lebanon2:16.39



Final B

94Roberto Gleria Italy1:49.28
105Thomas Flemming East Germany1:50.18
112Tom Stachewicz Australia1:50.83
123Aleksey Kuznetsov Soviet Union1:51.03
131Franz Mortensen Denmark1:51.44
146Mariusz Podkościelny Poland1:51.63
157Shigeo Ogata Japan1:51.89
168Paul Howe Great Britain1:51.99

Final A

6Duncan Armstrong Australia1:47.25WR
8Anders Holmertz Sweden1:47.89
5Matt Biondi United States1:47.99AM
44Artur Wojdat Poland1:48.40
53Michael Gross West Germany1:48.59
61Steffen Zesner East Germany1:48.77
72Troy Dalbey United States1:48.86
87Thomas Fahrner West Germany1:49.19


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