Swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle event at the 1988 Summer Olympics took place on 22 September at the Jamsil Indoor Swimming Pool in Seoul, South Korea.[1]

Men's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
VenueJamsil Indoor Swimming Pool
Date22 September 1988 (heats & finals)
Competitors78 from 50 nations
Winning time48.63 OR
Matt Biondi  United States
Chris Jacobs  United States
Stéphan Caron  France

U.S. overwhelming favorite Matt Biondi smashed a new Olympic record to claim his first ever individual gold and fourth career medal in swimming at these Games. Maintaining a lead from start to finish, he pulled away from a star-studded field to hit the wall first in 48.63.[2][3] Biondi also enjoyed his teammate Chris Jacobs taking home the silver in 49.08, as the Americans climbed on top of the podium for the sixth time in the event's Olympic history with a 1–2 finish. Earlier in the prelims, Jacobs sliced off Rowdy Gaines' 1984 record by six-tenths of a second to establish a new Olympic standard of 49.20 in the eighth heat, until Biondi eventually lowered it to 49.04 in the final of ten heats.[4] Meanwhile, France's Stéphan Caron held off an intense sprint battle against Soviet duo Gennadiy Prigoda and Iurie Başcatov to take home the bronze in 49.62.[2]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Matt Biondi (USA)48.42Austin, United States10 August 1988
Olympic record Rowdy Gaines (USA)49.80Los Angeles, United States31 July 1984

The following records were established during the competition:

22 SeptemberHeat 8Chris Jacobs United States49.20OR
22 SeptemberHeat 10Matt Biondi United States49.04OR
22 SeptemberFinal AMatt Biondi United States48.63OR



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[5]

110Matt Biondi United States49.04Q, OR
28Chris Jacobs United States49.20Q
39Stéphan Caron France49.37Q
49Iurie Başcatov Soviet Union50.08Q
510Gennadiy Prigoda Soviet Union50.13Q
68Per Johansson Sweden50.22Q
79Andrew Baildon Australia50.34Q
88Tommy Werner Sweden50.45Q
910Steffen Zesner East Germany50.73q, WD
107Hilton Woods Netherlands Antilles50.73q
118Franz Mortensen Denmark50.74q
128Sven Lodziewski East Germany50.77q
139Thomas Fahrner West Germany50.78q
1410Sandy Goss Canada50.81q
159Tsvetan Golomeev Bulgaria50.82q
169Tom Stachewicz Australia50.90q
1710Stéfan Voléry Switzerland50.96q
188Roberto Gleria Italy50.97
199Torsten Wiegel West Germany51.02
209Christophe Kalfayan France51.05
2110Andy Jameson Great Britain51.18
228Roland Lee Great Britain51.20
237Dano Halsall Switzerland51.21
244Manuel Guzmán Puerto Rico51.25
257Peter Rohde Denmark51.38
2610Petr Kladiva Czechoslovakia51.39
2710Shen Jianqiang China51.40
287Rodrigo González Mexico51.46
297Hans Kroes Netherlands51.65
307Patrick Dybiona Netherlands51.79
316Magnús Ólafsson Iceland52.01
325Shigeo Ogata Japan52.08
336Jorge Fernandes Brazil52.23
346Jean-Marie Arnould Belgium52.26
356Yves Clausse Luxembourg52.27
367Ross Anderson New Zealand52.33
376Emanuel Nascimento Brazil52.41
386Feng Qiangbiao China52.45
395Carlos Scanavino Uruguay52.52
406Ang Peng Siong Singapore52.53
415Markus Opatril Austria52.66
428Mihály Richárd Bodor Hungary52.77
433Oon Jin Gee Singapore53.26
445Murat Tahir Turkey53.27
454Moustafa Amer Egypt53.57
465Vaughan Smith Zimbabwe53.58
475Richard Sam Bera Indonesia53.59
481Garvin Ferguson Bahamas53.62
494Michael Wright Hong Kong53.64
504Li Khai Kam Hong Kong53.70
514René Concepcion Philippines53.84
525Hakan Eskioğlu Turkey53.95
534Jonathan Sakovich Guam54.24
543Hans Foerster Virgin Islands54.29
553Kwon Sang-won South Korea54.34
565Ignacio Escamilla Mexico54.56
573Song Kwang-sun South Korea54.63
583Ronald Pickard Virgin Islands54.72
592Mouhamed Diop Senegal54.93
603Graham Thompson Zimbabwe55.20
611Paul Yelle Barbados55.35
623Pedro Lima Angola55.53
634Chiang Chi-li Chinese Taipei55.87
642Plutarco Castellanos Honduras56.11
653Hasan Al-Shammari Kuwait56.44
662Warren Sorby Fiji56.66
671Sergio Fafitine Mozambique57.10
682Pablo Barahona Honduras57.97
692Michele Piva San Marino57.99
701Jason Chute Fiji58.14
712Filippo Piva San Marino58.39
721Mohamed Bin Abid United Arab Emirates58.81
732Ahmad Faraj United Arab Emirates59.10
742Trevor Ncala Swaziland59.25
751Emile Lahoud Lebanon1:02.40
761Yul Mark Du Pont Swaziland1:02.70
6Stefan Opatril AustriaDSQ
7Giorgio Lamberti ItalyDNS



Final B

91Tom Stachewicz Australia50.71
102Sandy Goss Canada50.73
118Stéfan Voléry Switzerland50.74
123Sven Lodziewski East Germany51.00
135Franz Mortensen Denmark51.05
146Thomas Fahrner West Germany51.12
157Tsvetan Golomeev Bulgaria51.16
164Hilton Woods Netherlands Antilles51.25

Final A

4Matt Biondi United States48.63OR
5Chris Jacobs United States49.08
3Stéphan Caron France49.62
42Gennadiy Prigoda Soviet Union49.75
56Iurie Başcatov Soviet Union50.08
61Andrew Baildon Australia50.23
77Per Johansson Sweden50.35
88Tommy Werner Sweden50.54


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