Swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metre freestyle

The final of the men's 400 metre freestyle event at the 1984 Summer Olympics was held in the McDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on August 2, 1984.[1] The first eight qualified for the final, the next eight for the B-final.

Men's 400 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
VenueMcDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium
Date2 August 1984 (heats & final)
Competitors37 from 26 nations
Winning time3:51.23
George DiCarlo  United States
John Mykkanen  United States
Justin Lemberg  Australia


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Vladimir Salnikov (URS)3:48.32Moscow, Soviet Union19 February 1983
Olympic record Vladimir Salnikov (URS)3:51.31Moscow, Soviet Union24 July 1980

The following records were established during the competition:

2 AugustFinal BThomas Fahrner West Germany3:50.91OR



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[2]

114Stefan Pfeiffer West Germany3:53.41Q
244John Mykkanen United States3:53.43Q
354George DiCarlo United States3:53.44Q
424Justin Lemberg Australia3:53.89Q
545Darjan Petrič Yugoslavia3:54.39Q
615Marco Dell'Uomo Italy3:55.00Q, NR
743Ron McKeon Australia3:55.06Q
853Franck Iacono France3:55.07Q
934Thomas Fahrner West Germany3:55.26q
1036Peter Szmidt Canada3:55.65q
1135Carlos Scanavino Uruguay3:55.92q, WD
1213Juan Enrique Escalas Spain3:55.93q
1323Borut Petrič Yugoslavia3:56.07q, WD
1456Stefano Grandi Italy3:56.23q
1525Marcelo Jucá Brazil3:57.43q
1646Mike Davidson New Zealand3:57.88q
55Arne Borgstrøm Norwayq
1833Andrew Astbury Great Britain3:58.41q
1926David Shemilt Canada3:58.43
2027Marc Van De Weghe Belgium4:00.01
2132Anders Grillhammar Sweden4:00.26
2222Shigeo Ogata Japan4:02.97
2342Jean-Marie François Venezuela4:03.08
2416Anders Holmertz Sweden4:03.67
2556Paul Howe Great Britain4:04.07
2637Alejandro Lecot Argentina4:05.74
2751Keisuke Okuno Japan4:06.31
2831William Wilson Philippines4:06.86
2941Gökhan Attaroglu Turkey4:07.07
3017Franz Mortensen Denmark4:09.80
3157Evert Johan Kroon Netherlands Antilles4:11.97
3212Scott Newkirk Virgin Islands4:12.61
3311Wu Ming-hsun Chinese Taipei4:13.11
3421Ahmet Nakkaş Turkey4:16.49
3558Lin Chun-hong Chinese Taipei4:20.65
3648Julian Bolling Sri Lanka4:23.42
47Fabián Ferrari ArgentinaDNS


Final B

94Thomas Fahrner West Germany3:50.91OR
103Juan Enrique Escalas Spain3:55.25
115Peter Szmidt Canada3:56.99
126Stefano Grandi Italy3:57.17
137Arne Borgstrøm Norway3:57.46
148Andrew Astbury Great Britain3:58.14
152Marcelo Jucá Brazil3:58.23
161Mike Davidson New Zealand3:58.24

Final A

3George DiCarlo United States3:51.23
5John Mykkanen United States3:51.49
6Justin Lemberg Australia3:51.79OC
44Stefan Pfeiffer West Germany3:52.91
58Franck Iacono France3:54.58NR
62Darjan Petrič Yugoslavia3:54.88
77Marco Dell'Uomo Italy3:55.44
81Ron McKeon Australia3:55.48


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