Swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre freestyle

The final of the men's 200 metre freestyle event at the 1984 Summer Olympics was held in the McDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on July 29, 1984.[1] The first eight qualified for the final, the next eight for the B-final.

Men's 200 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
VenueMcDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium
Date29 July 1984 (heats & final)
Competitors56 from 36 nations
Winning time1:47.44 WR
Michael Gross  West Germany
Mike Heath  United States
Thomas Fahrner  West Germany


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Michael Gross (FRG)1:47.55Munich, West Germany8 June 1984
Olympic record Sergey Koplyakov (URS)1:49.81Moscow, Soviet Union21 July 1980

The following records were established during the competition:

29 JulyHeat 7Michael Gross West Germany1:48.03OR
29 JulyFinal AMichael Gross West Germany1:47.44WR



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[2]

174Michael Gross West Germany1:48.03Q, OR
264Mike Heath United States1:49.87Q
344Thomas Fahrner West Germany1:50.00Q
434Alberto Mestre Venezuela1:50.73Q
554Jeff Float United States1:50.95Q
653Frank Drost Netherlands1:51.32Q, NR
715Peter Dale Australia1:51.42Q, NR
875Marco Dell'Uomo Italy1:51.67Q
945Anders Holmertz Sweden1:51.70q
1065Thomas Lejdström Sweden1:51.76q
43Alex Baumann Canadaq, WD
1223Paul Easter Great Britain1:51.80q
1356Juan Carlos Vallejo Spain1:51.97q, NR
1435Andrew Astbury Great Britain1:52.01q
1525Hans Kroes Netherlands1:52.37q
1614Peter Szmidt Canada1:52.48q
1763Carlos Scanavino Uruguay1:52.70q
1855Justin Lemberg Australia1:52.73
1975Borut Petrič Yugoslavia1:52.74
2033Jorge Fernandes Brazil1:53.03
2128Cyro Delgado Brazil1:53.22
2224Paolo Revelli Italy1:53.46
2316Franz Mortensen Denmark1:54.09NR
2462Anthony Mosse New Zealand1:54.12NR
2512Stéfan Voléry Switzerland1:54.19NR
2672Hiroshi Sakamoto Japan1:54.71
2717Michael Miao Chinese Taipei1:55.01NR
2836Javier Miralpeix Spain1:55.25
2966Jean-Marie François Venezuela1:55.28
3013Darjan Petrič Yugoslavia1:55.68
3147César Sánchez Mexico1:55.82
3232Gökhan Attaroglu Turkey1:55.92
3326Shigeo Ogata Japan1:55.97
3477Shen Jianqiang China1:56.08
3552Mike Davidson New Zealand1:56.20
3622Thierry Jacot Switzerland1:56.54
3776Fernando Cañales Puerto Rico1:56.60
3857Evert Johan Kroon Netherlands Antilles1:57.05
3937William Wilson Philippines1:57.18
4027Sean Nottage Bahamas1:57.54
4167Scott Newkirk Virgin Islands1:57.74
4242Carlos Romo Mexico1:58.77
4346Fabián Ferrari Argentina1:59.39
4471Mohamed Youssef Egypt1:59.71
4541Erik Rosskopf Virgin Islands2:02.04
4621Samuela Tupou Fiji2:02.22
4751Ingi Jónsson Iceland2:02.23
4861Tsang Yi Ming Hong Kong2:03.11
4931Ng Wing Hon Hong Kong2:03.66
5078Roberto Granados Guatemala2:05.21
5111Rodrigo Leal Guatemala2:05.96
5218Juan José Piro Honduras2:12.51
5338Trevor Ncala Swaziland2:15.30
5448Michele Piva San Marino2:15.39
5558Percy Sayegh Lebanon2:20.76
5668Rami Kantari Lebanon2:25.43


Final B

93Paul Easter Great Britain1:51.70
106Juan Carlos Vallejo Spain1:51.77NR
117Hans Kroes Netherlands1:52.36
124Anders Holmertz Sweden1:52.44
138Carlos Scanavino Uruguay1:52.54
141Peter Szmidt Canada1:52.56
152Andrew Astbury Great Britain1:53.02
165Thomas Lejdström Sweden1:53.63

Final A

4Michael Gross West Germany1:47.44WR
5Mike Heath United States1:49.10
3Thomas Fahrner West Germany1:49.69
42Jeff Float United States1:50.18
56Alberto Mestre Venezuela1:50.23NR
67Frank Drost Netherlands1:51.62
78Marco Dell'Uomo Italy1:52.20
81Peter Dale Australia1:53.84


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