Swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The final of the men's 100 metre freestyle event at the 1984 Summer Olympics was held in the McDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on July 31, 1984.[1] The fastest eight qualified for the final, the next eight for the B-final.

Men's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
VenueMcDonald's Olympic Swim Stadium
Date31 July 1984 (heats & final)
Competitors68 from 43 nations
Winning time49.80 OR
Rowdy Gaines  United States
Mark Stockwell  Australia
Per Johansson  Sweden

Mark Stockwell protested after the race saying Rowdy Gaines false started and that the officials let the race continue. However FINA (the governing body of aquatic sports) overruled the protest and allowed the results to stay the same.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Rowdy Gaines (USA)49.36Austin, United States3 April 1981
Olympic record Jim Montgomery (USA)49.99Montreal, Canada25 July 1976

The following records were established during the competition:

31 JulyFinal ARowdy Gaines United States49.80OR



Rule: The eight fastest swimmers advance to final A (Q), while the next eight to final B (q).[2]

164Mark Stockwell Australia50.27Q
294Mike Heath United States50.39Q
384Rowdy Gaines United States50.41Q
453Per Johansson Sweden50.57Q
563Dano Halsall Switzerland50.91Q
614Alberto Mestre Venezuela50.99Q
723Dirk Korthals West Germany51.02Q
834Stéphan Caron France51.13Q
975Hans Kroes Netherlands51.19q
95Thomas Lejdström Swedenq
1144Michael Delany Australia51.22q, WD
1224Stéfan Voléry Switzerland51.24q
1383Edsard Schlingemann Netherlands50.41q
1465Peter Rohde Denmark51.40q, NR
1533Ang Peng Siong Singapore51.66q
1643David Lowe Great Britain51.68q
1785Fabrizio Rampazzo Italy51.71q
1835Cyro Delgado Brazil51.74
1974Fernando Cañales Puerto Rico51.75
2073Alexander Schowtka West Germany51.78
2113Paul Easter Great Britain51.83
2293David Churchill Canada51.85
2366Ramiro Estrada Mexico52.07
2425Franz Mortensen Denmark52.22
2515Alexander Pilhatsch Austria52.25
2686Marco Colombo Italy52.34
2736Antonio Portela Portugal52.47NR
2845Ronald Menezes Brazil52.49
2955Blair Hicken Canada52.74
3042Michael Miao Chinese Taipei52.76NR
3156Mu Lati China52.82
3292Shen Jianqiang China52.84
3346Shigeo Ogata Japan52.96NR
3493Mohamed Youssef Egypt53.19NR
3562Kemal Sadri Özün Turkey53.39
3616Li Khai-kam Hong Kong53.48
3754Sean Nottage Bahamas53.66
3882Fabián Ferrari Argentina53.69
3926Satoshi Sumida Japan53.83
4032Hilton Woods Netherlands Antilles53.92
4187Lukman Niode Indonesia54.10
4212Oon Jin Gee Singapore54.17
4352Gökhan Attaroğlu Turkey54.22
4472Fernando Rodríguez Peru54.61
4596Deryck Marks Jamaica54.63
27William Wilson Philippines
4737Erik Rosskopf Virgin Islands54.80
4877César Sánchez Mexico54.94
4967Anthony Nesty Suriname54.99
5057Ahmed Said Egypt55.01
5122Evert Johan Kroon Netherlands Antilles55.20
5276Gordon Scarlett Jamaica55.34
5347Collier Woolard Virgin Islands55.67
5451Samuela Tupou Fiji55.85
5517Ingi Jónsson Iceland56.31
5671Jean-Luc Adorno Monaco56.38
5781Warren Sorby Fiji56.75
5831Rodrigo Leal Guatemala56.80
5961Khaled Al-Assaf Kuwait56.91
6041Ernesto-José Degenhart Guatemala57.20
6188Hamad Bader Bahrain58.16
6278Trevor Ncala Swaziland58.22
6398Michele Piva San Marino59.26
6458Rodolfo Torres Honduras1:00.92
6568Domingos Chivavele Mozambique1:01.38
6621Percy Sayegh Lebanon1:01.88
6711Rami Kantari Lebanon1:01.96
6891Daniel Mulumba Uganda1:07.86


Final B

97Ang Peng Siong Singapore51.09NR
103Stéfan Voléry Switzerland51.42
111David Lowe Great Britain51.48
128Fabrizio Rampazzo Italy51.56
134Hans Kroes Netherlands51.64
5Thomas Lejdström Sweden
156Edsard Schlingemann Netherlands51.74
162Peter Rohde Denmark51.98

Final A

3Rowdy Gaines United States49.80OR
4Mark Stockwell Australia50.24OC
6Per Johansson Sweden50.31
45Mike Heath United States50.41
52Dano Halsall Switzerland50.50NR
67Alberto Mestre Venezuela50.70NR
8Stéphan Caron FranceNR
81Dirk Korthals West Germany50.93


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