Swimming at the 1980 Summer Olympics

Swimming as usual was one of the three aquatics disciplines at the 1980 Summer Olympics—the other two being Water Polo and Diving. It was held in the Swimming Pool of the Olimpiysky Sports Complex between July 20 and July 27. There was a total of 333 participants from 41 countries competing.[1]

at the Games of the XXII Olympiad
Olimpiysky Pool, Moscow, as seen in 1991
VenueOlimpiysky Sports Complex
Competitors333 from 41 nations

Because the swimming field was greatly reduced by the boycott, the swimming program broke format by doing away with the semifinals. Instead, the Top 8 finishers from the heats qualifying for the gold medal final, or Final A as it was called. In events up to 400m, those that finished 9th to 16th in the heats would swim in Final B after the swimmers from Final A swan. This would continue as the Olympic format up to the 1996 Olympic Games.

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Soviet Union)

1 East Germany (GDR)1210830
2 Soviet Union (URS)*89522
3 Sweden (SWE)2215
4 Australia (AUS)2057
5 Great Britain (GBR)1315
6 Hungary (HUN)1214
7 Brazil (BRA)0011
 Denmark (DEN)0011
 Netherlands (NED)0011
 Poland (POL)0011
 Spain (ESP)0011
Totals (11 nations)26262678

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle
 Jörg Woithe (GDR)50.40  Per Holmertz (SWE)50.91  Per Johansson (SWE)51.29
200 m freestyle
 Sergey Kopliakov (URS)1:49.81
 Andrey Krylov (URS)1:50.76  Graeme Brewer (AUS)1:51.60
400 m freestyle
 Vladimir Salnikov (URS)3:51.31
 Andrey Krylov (URS)3:53.24  Ivar Stukolkin (URS)3:53.95
1500 m freestyle
 Vladimir Salnikov (URS)14:58.27
 Aleksandr Chayev (URS)15:14.30  Max Metzker (AUS)15:14.49
100 m backstroke
 Bengt Baron (SWE)56.53  Viktor Kuznetsov (URS)56.99  Vladimir Dolgov (URS)57.63
200 m backstroke
 Sándor Wladár (HUN)2:01.93  Zoltán Verrasztó (HUN)2:02.40  Mark Kerry (AUS)2:03.14
100 m breaststroke
 Duncan Goodhew (GBR)1:03.34  Arsens Miskarovs (URS)1:03.82  Peter Evans (AUS)1:03.96
200 m breaststroke
 Robertas Žulpa (URS)2:15.85  Albán Vermes (HUN)2:16.93  Arsens Miskarovs (URS)2:17.28
100 m butterfly
 Pär Arvidsson (SWE)54.92  Roger Pyttel (GDR)54.94  David López-Zubero (ESP)55.13
200 m butterfly
 Sergey Fesenko (URS)1:59.76  Phil Hubble (GBR)2:01.20  Roger Pyttel (GDR)2:01.39
400 m individual medley
 Aleksandr Sidorenko (URS)4:22.89
 Sergey Fesenko (URS)4:23.43  Zoltán Verrasztó (HUN)4:24.24
4 × 200 m freestyle relay
 Soviet Union (URS)
Sergey Kopliakov
Vladimir Salnikov
Ivar Stukolkin
Andrey Krylov
Sergey Rusin*
Sergey Krasyuk*
Yuri Presekin*
7:23.50  East Germany (GDR)
Frank Pfütze
Jörg Woithe
Detlev Grabs
Rainer Strohbach
Frank Kühne*
7:28.60  Brazil (BRA)
Jorge Fernandes
Marcus Mattioli
Cyro Marques
Djan Madruga
4 × 100 m medley relay
 Australia (AUS)
Mark Kerry
Peter Evans
Mark Tonelli
Neil Brooks
Glenn Patching*
3:45.70  Soviet Union (URS)
Viktor Kuznetsov
Arsens Miskarovs
Yevgeny Seredin
Sergey Kopliakov
Vladimir Shemetov*
Aleksandr Fedorovsky*
Aleksey Markovsky*
Sergey Krasyuk*
3:45.92  Great Britain (GBR)
Gary Abraham
Duncan Goodhew
David Lowe
Martin Smith
Paul Marshall*
Mark Taylor*

* Swimmers who participated in the heats only and received medals.

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle
 Barbara Krause (GDR)54.79
 Caren Metschuck (GDR)55.16  Ines Diers (GDR)55.65
200 m freestyle
 Barbara Krause (GDR)1:58.33
 Ines Diers (GDR)1:59.64  Carmela Schmidt (GDR)2:01.44
400 m freestyle
 Ines Diers (GDR)4:08.76
 Petra Schneider (GDR)4:09.16  Carmela Schmidt (GDR)4:10.86
800 m freestyle
 Michelle Ford (AUS)8:28.90
 Ines Diers (GDR)8:32.55  Heike Dähne (GDR)8:33.48
100 m backstroke
 Rica Reinisch (GDR)1:00.86
 Ina Kleber (GDR)1:02.07  Petra Riedel (GDR)1:02.64
200 m backstroke
 Rica Reinisch (GDR)2:11.77
 Cornelia Polit (GDR)2:13.75  Birgit Treiber (GDR)2:14.14
100 m breaststroke
 Ute Geweniger (GDR)1:10.22  Elvira Vasilkova (URS)1:10.41  Susanne Nielsson (DEN)1:11.16
200 m breaststroke
 Lina Kačiušytė (URS)2:29.54
 Svetlana Varganova (URS)2:29.61  Yuliya Bogdanova (URS)2:32.39
100 m butterfly
 Caren Metschuck (GDR)1:00.42  Andrea Pollack (GDR)1:00.90  Christiane Knacke (GDR)1:01.44
200 m butterfly
 Ines Geißler (GDR)2:10.44
 Sybille Schönrock (GDR)2:10.45  Michelle Ford (AUS)2:11.66
400 m individual medley
 Petra Schneider (GDR)4:36.29
 Sharron Davies (GBR)4:46.83  Agnieszka Czopek (POL)4:48.17
4 × 100 m freestyle relay
 East Germany (GDR)
Barbara Krause
Caren Metschuck
Ines Diers
Sarina Hülsenbeck
Carmela Schmidt*
 Sweden (SWE)
Carina Ljungdahl
Tina Gustafsson
Agneta Mårtensson
Agneta Eriksson
Birgitta Jönsson*
Helena Peterson*
3:48.93  Netherlands (NED)
Conny van Bentum
Wilma van Velsen
Reggie de Jong
Annelies Maas
4 × 100 m medley relay
 East Germany (GDR)
Rica Reinisch
Ute Geweniger
Andrea Pollack
Caren Metschuck
Sarina Hülsenbeck*
 Great Britain (GBR)
Helen Jameson
Margaret Kelly
Ann Osgerby
June Croft
4:12.24  Soviet Union (URS)
Yelena Kruglova
Elvira Vasilkova
Alla Grishchenkova
Natalya Strunnikova
Irina Aksyonova*
Olga Klevakina*

* Swimmers who participated in the heats only and received medals.

Participating nations

333 swimmers from 41 nations competed.[1]


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