Swimming at the 1976 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle event at the 1976 Olympic Games took place between July 24 and 25.[1] This swimming event used freestyle swimming, which means that the method of the stroke is not regulated (unlike backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly events). Nearly all swimmers use the front crawl or a variant of that stroke. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, this race consisted of two lengths of the pool.

Men's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the XXI Olympiad
Jim Montgomery  United States
Jack Babashoff  United States
Peter Nocke  West Germany

This was the first time in history that the 100m freestyle was swum under 50 seconds.


GoldJim Montgomery
 United States
SilverJack Babashoff
 United States
BronzePeter Nocke
 West Germany


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record Jim Montgomery (USA)50.59Kansas City, United States23 August 1975
Olympic record Mark Spitz (USA)51.22Munich, West Germany3 September 1972



Heat 1

1Andrey Bogdanov Soviet Union53.23q
2Stefan Georgiev Bulgaria53.85
3Roger Pyttel East Germany53.93
4Dirk Braunleder West Germany54.04
5Jorge Comas Spain54.05
6Mark Crocker Hong Kong54.14
7Kozo Higuchi Japan54.67

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Heat 2

1Marcello Guarducci Italy51.57Q
2Steve Pickell Canada52.65Q
3Martin Smith Great Britain53.17Q
4René Écuyer France53.20Q
5Ramón Volcan Venezuela53.53
6Helmut Levy Colombia54.60
7Kris Sumono Indonesia55.50

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Heat 3

1Klaus Steinbach West Germany51.47Q
2Jack Babashoff United States51.53Q
3Jorge Delgado, Jr. Ecuador53.91
4Neil Rogers Australia53.96
5Paul Jouanneau Brazil54.49
6Campari Knoepffler Nicaragua58.48

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Heat 4

1Vladimir Bure Soviet Union51.81Q
2Andrey Krylov Soviet Union52.02Q
3Gary MacDonald Canada52.91Q
4Svante Rasmuson Sweden53.20Q
5Glenn Patching Australia53.29
6Gerardo Rosario Philippines56.00

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Heat 5

1Joe Bottom United States51.47Q
2Peter Nocke West Germany51.59Q
3Bruce Robertson Canada53.37
4Peter Coughlan Australia53.49
5Dan Larsson Sweden53.81
6Gianni Versari Panama54.11
7Steven Newkirk Virgin Islands55.43

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Heat 6

1Jim Montgomery United States52.13Q
2Michel Rousseau France52.43Q
3Roberto Pangaro Italy53.05Q
4Kevin Burns Great Britain53.23q
5Fritz Warncke Norway53.55
6Fernando Cañales Puerto Rico55.31
7José Pereira Portugal55.46
8Sigurður Ólafsson Iceland56.01

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record

Swim-Off for 16th Place

1Andrey Bogdanov Soviet Union52.82Q
2Kevin Burns Great Britain53.11

Key: Q = Qualified, q = Qualified for Swim-Off, WR = World record


Heat 1

1Jim Montgomery United States50.39Q, WR
2Marcello Guarducci Italy51.35 Q
3Klaus Steinbach West Germany51.62Q
4Vladimir Bure Soviet Union51.93Q
5Roberto Pangaro Italy52.68
6Stephen Pickell Canada52.89
7René Ecuyer France52.92
8Andrei Bogdanov Soviet Union53.05

Key: Q = Qualified, WR = Olympic record

Heat 2

1Jack Babashoff United States51.46Q
2Peter Nocke West Germany51.83 Q
3Joe Bottom United States51.92Q
4Andrey Krylov Soviet Union52.32Q
5Michel Rousseau France52.36
6Gary MacDonald Canada52.96
7Martin Smith Great Britain53.11
8Svante Rasmussen Sweden53.34

Key: Q = Qualified


Jim Montgomery United States49.99WR
Jack Babashoff United States50.81
Peter Nocke West Germany51.31
4Klaus Steinbach West Germany51.68
5Marcello Guarducci Italy51.70
6Joe Bottom United States51.79
7Vladimir Bure Soviet Union52.03
8Andrey Krylov Soviet Union52.15

Key: WR = World record


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