Swimming at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 400 metre individual medley

The men's 400 metre individual medley competition of the swimming events at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships took place on September 5.

Men's 400 metre individual medley
at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships
DatesSeptember 5, 1973
Competitors29 from 22 nations
Winning time4:31.11 CR
    United States
    United States


Prior to the competition, the existing world and championship records were as follows.

World record  Gary Hall, Sr. (USA)4:30.81Chicago, United States3 August 1972
Competition record N/AN/AN/AN/A

The following records were established during the competition:

5 SeptemberHeat 1András Hargitay Hungary4:38.96CR
5 SeptemberHeat 4Rick Colella United States4:38.50CR
5 SeptemberFinalAndrás Hargitay Hungary4:31.11CR



29 swimmers participated in 4 heats, qualified swimmers are listed:[1][2]

14-Rick Colella United States4:38.50Q, CR
21-András Hargitay Hungary4:38.96Q, CR
33-Rod Strachan United States4:40.06Q
44-Bengt Gingsjö Sweden4:41.23Q
51-Wolfram Sperling East Germany4:41.83Q
63-Sergey Zakharov Soviet Union4:41.96Q
74-Anatoly Smirnov Soviet Union4:42.65Q
82-Brian Brinkley Great Britain4:43.54Q
91-Neil Martin Australia4:44.55
103-Patrick Moreau France4:45.14
114-Csaba Sós Hungary4:45.29
123-David Brumwell Canada4:45.52
131-Anders Bellbring Sweden4:46.56
142-Hans-Joachim Geisler West Germany4:47.68
153-Ignacio Álvarez Mexico4:48.96
164-Tsuyoshi Yanagidate Japan4:49.24
171-Gunnar Gundersen Norway4:51.46
182-Peter Tetlow Australia4:51.98
191-Lorenzo Marugo Italy4:51.98
204-Paul Hughes Canada4:52.00
212-François Deley Belgium4:52.91
222-Mark Treffers New Zealand4:55.35
233-Antônio Azevedo Brazil4:56.24
243-Ali Gharbi Tunisia5:04.13
253-Evangelos Koskinas Greece5:07.35
262-Angel Chakarov Bulgaria5:08.22
274-Carlos Santiago Puerto Rico5:08.66
281-Francisco Canales Puerto Rico5:09.52
292-C. Manochehr Iran5:41.12
2-Christian Leitzmann East GermanyDid not finish[1]
1-L. Diaz ArgentinaDid not start
4-Bandi Wetternek RomaniaDid not start
1 Christian Leitzmann, almost at the end at the butterfly leg, swallowed some water and abandoned the race.[3]


The results of the final are below.[4]

-András Hargitay Hungary4:31.11CR, ER[3]
-Rod Strachan United States4:33.50
-Rick Colella United States4:34.68
4-Sergey Zakharov Soviet Union4:37.05
5-Wolfram Sperling East Germany4:37.17
6-Bengt Gingsjö Sweden4:37.62
7-Brian Brinkley Great Britain4:40.94NR[5]
8-Anatoly Smirnov Soviet Union4:41.26


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