Swimming at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 200 metre freestyle

The men's 200 metre freestyle competition of the swimming events at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships took place on September 4.

Men's 200 metre freestyle
at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships
DatesSeptember 4, 1973
Winning time1:53.02
    United States
    United States
    East Germany


Prior to the competition, the existing world and championship records were as follows.

World record  Mark Spitz (USA)1:52.78Munich, West Germany29 August 1972
Competition record N/AN/AN/AN/A

The following records were established during the competition:

4 SeptemberHeatWerner Lampe East Germany1:57.621CR
4 SeptemberHeatVladimir Bure Soviet Union1:57.145CR
4 SeptemberHeatRoger Pyttel East Germany1:57.090CR
4 SeptemberHeatKurt Krumpholz United States1:54.582CR
4 SeptemberFinalJim Montgomery United States1:53.02CR



?? swimmers participated in 6 heats, qualified swimmers are listed:[1]

15-Kurt Krumpholz United States1:54.582Q, CR
26-Jim Montgomery United States1:56.737Q
34-Roger Pyttel East Germany1:57.090Q, CR
42-Vladimir Bure Soviet Union1:57.145Q, CR
53-Peter Nocke West Germany1:57.346Q
66-Brian Brinkley Great Britain1:57.423Q
75-Steve Badger Australia1:57.433Q
86-Bernt Zarnowiecki Sweden1:57.509Q
92-Wilfried Hartung East Germany1:57.518
101-Werner Lampe West Germany1:57.621CR
114-Jorge Delgado Ecuador1:57.750
123-Aleksandr Samsonov Soviet Union1:57.819
134-José Namorado Brazil1:57.820
141-Bruce Robertson Canada1:58.211
151-Michael Wenden Australia1:58.260
165-Arnaldo Cinquetti Italy1:58.407
172-Fritz Warncke Norway1:59.408
183-Ian MacKenzie Canada1:59.510


The results of the final are below.[2]

-Jim Montgomery United States1:53.02CR
-Kurt Krumpholz United States1:53.61
-Roger Pyttel East Germany1:53.97
4-Steve Badger Australia1:55.66
5-Brian Brinkley Great Britain1:56.42NR[3]
6-Vladimir Bure Soviet Union1:56.45
7-Bernt Zarnowiecki Sweden1:56.58
8-Peter Nocke West Germany1:58.97


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