Swimming at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 100 metre breaststroke

The men's 100 metre breaststroke competition of the swimming events at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships took place on September 4.

Men's 100 metre breaststroke
at the 1973 World Aquatics Championships
DatesSeptember 4, 1973
Competitors32 from 25 nations
Winning time1:04.02 WR
    United States
    Soviet Union


Prior to the competition, the existing world and championship records were as follows.

World record  Nobutaka Taguchi (JPN)1:04.94Munich, West Germany30 August 1972
Competition record N/AN/AN/AN/A

The following records were established during the competition:

4 SeptemberHeat 1Rick Colella United States1:06.72CR
4 SeptemberHeat 3Nikolai Pankin Soviet Union1:06.10CR
4 SeptemberHeat 5John Hencken United States1:04.35WR
4 SeptemberFinalJohn Hencken United States1:04.02WR



32 swimmers participated in 5 heats. The eight fastest times qualified for the final.[1][2]

15-John Hencken United States1:04.35Q, WR
25-Nobutaka Taguchi Japan1:05.80Q
33-Nikolai Pankin Soviet Union1:06.10Q, CR
41-Rick Colella United States1:06.72Q, CR
54-Mikhail Khryukin Soviet Union1:06.78Q
62-David Wilkie Great Britain1:06.98Q
73-Jürgen Glas East Germany1:07.32Q
83-Nigel Cluer Papua New Guinea1:07.59Q
94-Michael Günther West Germany1:07.77
102-Bernard Gumbet France1:08.26
114-Felipe Muñoz Mexico1:08.37
121-Peter Hrdlitschka Canada1:08.62
135-Pedro Balcells Spain1:08.88
141-Ove Wisloff Norway1:09.49
152-Pawe Dyrek Poland1:09.60
165-Sándor Szabó Hungary1:09.63
173-Alfredo Hunger Peru1:09.73
185-Sérgio Pinto Ribeiro Brazil1:09.80
193-Michael Creswick Australia1:09.81
204-Ulrich Nitzsche East Germany1:09.87
212-Gustavo Lozano Mexico1:09.92
225-Mel Zajac Canada1:09.97
233-Zdravko Divjak Yugoslavia1:10.15
241-Cezary Smiglak Poland1:10.57
253-Giorgio Lalle Italy1:10.97
261-Steffen Kriechbaum Austria1:11.06
274-Angel Chakarov Bulgaria1:11.29
284-Tuomo Kerola Finland1:12.37
292-Carlos Nazario Puerto Rico1:13.33
304-Faruk Morkal Turkey1:14.03
312-Orlando Catinchi Puerto Rico1:14.50
321-H. Ashfin Iran1:16.20


The results of the final are below.[3][4]

-John Hencken United States1:04.02WR
-Mikhail Khryukin Soviet Union1:04.61ER
-Nobutaka Taguchi Japan1:05.61
4-David Wilkie Great Britain1:05.74CWR
5-Nikolai Pankin Soviet Union1:06.55
6-Rick Colella United States1:06.69
7-Jürgen Glas East Germany1:07.41
8-Nigel Cluer Papua New Guinea1:08.12


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