Swimming at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Women's 400 metre individual medley

The women's 400 metre individual medley event at the 1964 Summer Olympics took place on 15–17 October.[1] This swimming event used medley swimming and this was the first time for this event in this distance for the women swimmers. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, this race consisted of eight lengths of the pool. The first two lengths were swum using the butterfly stroke, the second pair with the backstroke, the third pair of lengths in breaststroke, and the final two were freestyle. Unlike other events using freestyle, swimmers could not use butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke for the freestyle leg; most swimmers use the front crawl in freestyle events.


GoldDonna de Varona
 United States
SilverSharon Finneran
 United States
BronzeMartha Randall
 United States



Heat 1

1Anita Lonsbrough Great Britain5:30.6
2Sharon Finneran United States5:32.7
3Márta Egerváry Hungary5:35.8
4Helga Zimmermann Germany5:38.9
5Jane Cortis Australia5:43.6

Heat 2

1Martha Randall United States5:27.8
2Barbara Hounsell Canada5:38.4
3Adrie Lasterie Netherlands5:41.3
4Harriet Blank Germany5:42.4
5Isabel Castañe Spain5:50.7
6Margaret Harding Puerto Rico6:10.7

Heat 3

1Veronika Holletz Germany5:26.8
2Betty Heukels Netherlands5:32.4
3Linda McGill Australia5:38.3
4Kimiko Ezaka Japan5:42.1
5Kirsten Strange-Campbell Denmark5:44.4
6Pamela Johnson Australia6:11.9

Heat 4

1Donna de Varona United States5:24.2
2Marianne Heemskerk Netherlands5:38.6
3Helen Kennedy Canada5:49.9
4Natsuko Matsuda Japan5:51.5
5Silvia Belmar Mexico6:00.7


Donna de Varona United States5:18.7OR
Sharon Finneran United States5:24.1
Martha Randall United States5:24.2
4Veronika Holletz United Team of Germany5:25.6
5Linda McGill Australia5:28.4
6Betty Heukels Netherlands5:30.3
7Anita Lonsbrough Great Britain5:30.5
8Márta Egerváry Hungary5:38.4

Key: OR = Olympic record


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