Swimming at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle event at the 1964 Olympic Games took place between October 11 and 12.[1] In freestyle swimming, the stroke used is not regulated (unlike backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly events). Nearly all swimmers use the front crawl or a variant of that stroke. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, this race consisted of two lengths of the pool.


GoldDon Schollander
 United States
SilverBobby McGregor
 Great Britain
BronzeHans-Joachim Klein
 United Team of Germany



Nine heats were held; the fastest 24 swimmers advanced to the Semifinals. Those that advanced are highlighted.

Heat One

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Gary IlmanUnited States54.0
2Gérard GropaizFrance55.8
3Athos de OliveiraBrazil56.0
4Vinus van BaalenNetherlands56.8
5Bruno BianchiItaly56.8
6Ralph HuttonCanada57.7
7Kim Bong-joSouth Korea1:01.2

Heat Two

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Mike AustinUnited States54.9
2David DicksonAustralia55.1
3Jean-Pascal CurtilletFrance56.2
4Matti KasvioFinland56.3
5Álvaro PiresBrazil56.8
6Téodoro CaprilesVenezuela57.2
7Tan Thuan HengMalaysia58.7

Heat Three

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Per-Ola LindbergSweden55.1
2Tadaharu GotoJapan55.8
3Pietro BoscainiItaly55.8
4Luis NicolaoArgentina56.1
5José Miguel EspinosaSpain57.4
6Herlander RibeiroPortugal59.0
7Somchai LimpichatThailand59.8

Heat Four

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Hans-Joachim KleinGermany55.3
2Peter PhelpsAustralia56.1
3Lester ErikssonSweden56.2
4Yury SumtsovSoviet Union56.3
5François SimonsBelgium56.8
6Carlos van der MaathArgentina57.5
7Nguyễn Ðình LêSouth Vietnam1:01.1

Heat Five

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Don SchollanderUnited States54.3
2Yukiaki OkabeJapan54.4
3Uwe JacobsenGermany55.6
4Petr LohnickýCzechoslovakia56.4
5Gerhard WielandAustria56.8
6Antonio PérezSpain57.8
7Mauri FonsecaBrazil59.6

Heat Six

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Daniel SherryCanada55.2
2Alain GottvallèsFrance55.2
3John RyanAustralia55.5
4Horst LöfflerGermany55.6
5Vladimir ShuvalovSoviet Union55.9
6Georges WelbesLuxembourg58.6
7Hannu VaahtorantaFinland58.7
8Gudmunður GíslasonIceland59.0

Heat Seven

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Tatsuo FujimotoJapan55.8
2Gyula DobayHungary55.8
3Sandy GilchristCanada55.8
4Gert KölliAustria56.5
5David HallerGreat Britain57.7
6Bert SittersNetherlands58.1
7Luis PazPeru58.5
8Robert LohHong Kong1:00.4

Heat Eight

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Jindřich VágnerCzechoslovakia55.5
2Ron KroonNetherlands55.5
3Bob LordGreat Britain55.7
4József GulrichHungary56.3
5Tuomo HämäläinenFinland57.6
6Salvador RuizMexico58.8
7Pano CapéronisSwitzerland58.9

Heat Nine

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Bobby McGregorGreat Britain54.7
2Bengt NordwallSweden55.6
3Viktor SemchenkovSoviet Union56.2
4Antal SzállHungary56.8
5Sergio De GregorioItaly56.8
6Phan Hữu DongSouth Vietnam1:01.1
7Celestino PérezPuerto Rico1:01.3
8Haydar ShonjaniIran1:02.1


Three heats were held; the fastest eight swimmers advanced to the Finals. The swimmers that advanced are highlighted.

Semifinal One

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Gary IlmanUnited States53.9
2Mike AustinUnited States54.3
3Yukiaki OkabeJapan55.2
4Daniel SherryCanada55.5
5Tadaharu GotoJapan55.6
6Ron KroonNetherlands55.7
7Horst LöfflerGermany56.0
8Pietro BoscainiItaly56.1

Semifinal Two

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Don SchollanderUnited States54.0
2Alain GottvallèsFrance54.3
3Uwe JacobsenGermany54.8
4Per-Ola LindbergSweden55.1
5Jindřich VágnerCzechoslovakia55.5
6Gérard GropaizFrance55.7
7Sandy GilchristCanada56.4
8Bob LordGreat Britain56.5

Semifinal Three

Rank Athlete Country Time
1Bobby McGregorGreat Britain54.3
2Hans-Joachim KleinGermany54.4
3Gyula DobayHungary54.8
4David DicksonAustralia54.9
5Vladimir ShuvalovSoviet Union55.8
6Tatsuo FujimotoJapan55.8
7Bengt NordwallSweden56.4
8John RyanAustralia56.5


Don Schollander United States53.4OR
Bobby McGregor Great Britain53.5
Hans-Joachim Klein United Team of Germany54.0
4Gary Ilman United States54.0
5Alain Gottvallès France54.2
6Mike Austin United States54.5
7Gyula Dobay Hungary54.9
8Uwe Jacobsen United Team of Germany56.1

Key: OR = Olympic record

The officials used unofficial electronic scoring to determine which swimmer won the bronze medal - Klein had finished one one-thousandth of a second sooner than Ilman.[2]


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