Swimming at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's 4 × 200 metre freestyle relay

The men's 4×200 metre freestyle relay event at the 1956 Summer Olympic Games took place December 1 3.[1] The relay featured teams of four swimmers each swimming four lengths of the 50 m pool freestyle.


Gold Silver Bronze
Kevin O'Halloran
John Devitt
Murray Rose
Jon Henricks
 United States
Dick Hanley
George Breen
Bill Woolsey
Ford Konno
 Soviet Union
Vitaly Sorokin
Vladimir Struzhanov
Gennady Nikolayev
Boris Nikitin



Two heats were held; the teams with the eight fastest times advanced to the Finals. The teams that advanced are highlighted.

Heat 1

1 Manabu Koga, Atsushi Tani, Koji Nonoshita, Tsuyoshi Yamanaka and Hiroshi Suzuki (JPN)8:37.9
2 Bill Woolsey, Ford Konno, Tim Jecko and Sonny Tanabe (USA)8:38.3
3 Hans Köhler, Hans-Joachim Reich, Hans Zierold and Horst Bleeker (GER)8:42.5
4 Billy Steuart, Tony Briscoe, Dennis Ford and Peter Duncan (RSA)8:43.0
5 Fritz Dennerlein, Paolo Galletti, Guido Elmi and Angelo Romani (ITA)8:43.1

Heat 2

1 Kenneth Williams, Ronald Roberts, Neil McKechnie and Jack Wardrop (GBR)8:39.1
2 Vitaly Sorokin, Vladimir Struzhanov, Gennady Nikolayev and Boris Nik'it'ini (URS)8:39.5
3 Jon Henricks, Gary Chapman, Graham Hamilton and Murray Garretty (AUS)8:40.2
4 Aldo Eminente, Jacques Collignon, Alex Jany and Jean Boiteux (FRA)8:56.5
5 Gyula Dobay, György Csordás, Sándor Záborszky and Jenő Áts (HUN)8:57.2
6 Dakula Arabani, Agapito Lozada, Bana Sailani and Ulfiano Babol (PHI)9:05.7


Rank Country Time
2United States8:31.5
3Soviet Union8:34.7
6Great Britain8:45.2
8South Africa8:49.5


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