Swimming at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle event at the 1952 Olympic Games took place between 26 and 27 July at the Swimming Stadium.[1] This swimming event used freestyle swimming, which means that the method of the stroke is not regulated (unlike backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly events). Nearly all swimmers use the front crawl or a variant of that stroke. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, this race consisted of two lengths of the pool.


GoldClarke Scholes
 United States
SilverHiroshi Suzuki
BronzeGöran Larsson



24 fastest swimmer from nine heats advanced to semifinal.

Heat 1

1Yoshihiro Hamaguchi Japan58.0
2Aldo Eminente France58.2
3Iosif Novac Romania1:00.5
4René Muñiz Mexico1:00.5
5Leo Telivuo Finland1:02.0
6Ricardo Conde Spain1:02.6
7Nahum Buch Israel1:05.6

Heat 2

1Ronald Roberts Great Britain59.5
2Olle Johansson Sweden1:00.5
3Neo Chwee Kok Singapore1:00.6
4Frank O'Neill Australia1:00.6
5Francisco Monteiro Hong Kong1:03.1
6Robert Cook Bermuda1:04.1

Heat 3

1Rex Aubrey Australia58.2
2Alex Jany France58.9
3Lev Balandin Soviet Union58.9
4John Durr South Africa1:00.0
5Cheung Kin Man Hong Kong1:00.3
6Hernán Avilés Chile1:02.8
7Walter Bardgett Bermuda1:04.4

Heat 4

1Dick Cleveland United States57.8
2Hiroshi Suzuki Japan58.0
3Carlo Pedersoli Italy58.8
4Federico Zwanck Argentina1:01.2
5Haroldo Lara Brazil1:01.2
6Fernando Madeira Portugal1:02.6
7Isaac Monsoor India1:10.8

Heat 5

1Ronald Gora United States58.0
2György Ipacs Hungary59.1
3Juan Lanz Mexico1:00.9
4Michel Vandamme France1:00.9
5Pentti Ikonen Finland1:01.1
6Oscar Saiz Venezuela1:01.7
7Abdel Aziz El-Shafei Egypt1:02.0

Heat 6

1Göran Larsson Sweden57.5
2Clarke Scholes United States58.3
3Nicasio Silverio Cuba1:00.0
4Roberto Queralt Spain1:01.6
5Aram Boghossian Brazil1:02.0
6Mauno Valkeinen Finland1:02.5
7Nguyễn Văn Phan Vietnam1:05.0

Heat 7

1Jack Wardrop Great Britain58.9
2Lucien Beaumont Canada1:00.4
3Alberto Isaac Mexico1:01.4
4Marcello Trabucco Argentina1:01.5
5Dorri El-Said Egypt1:02.3
6Guilherme Patroni Portugal1:03.7
7Michel Currat Switzerland1:07.2

Heat 8

1Toru Goto Japan58.3
2Joris Tjebbes Netherlands59.1
3Endel Edasi Soviet Union1:00.1
4Dennis Ford South Africa1:01.3
5Per Olsen Norway1:02.1
6Alfonso Buonocore Italy1:02.3
7Geoffrey Marks Ceylon1:04.1

Heat 9

1Géza Kádas Hungary58.4
2Thomas Welsh Great Britain59.5
3Vladimir Skomarovsky Soviet Union1:00.0
4Peter Salmon Canada1:01.0
5Lars Svantesson Sweden1:01.4
6José Valdes Guatemala1:04.5


8 fastest swimmers advanced to final.

Semifinal 1

1Clarke Scholes United States57.1
2Göran Larsson Sweden57.8
3Yoshihiro Hamaguchi Japan58.3tie break
4Aldo Eminente France58.3tie break
5Carlo Pedersoli Italy58.9
6Jack Wardrop Great Britain59.4
7Endel Edasi Soviet Union59.8
8Nicasio Silverio Cuba59.9

Semifinal 2

1Géza Kádas Hungary57.8
2Hiroshi Suzuki Japan58.0
3Dick Cleveland United States58.6
4Lev Balandin Soviet Union58.8
5Joris Tjebbes Netherlands59.8
6John Durr South Africa1:00.2
7Thomas Welsh Great Britain1:00.3
8Cheung Kin Man Hong Kong1:00.9

Semifinal 3

1Ronald Gora United States57.7
2Rex Aubrey Australia57.8
3Toru Goto Japan58.3tie break
4Alex Jany France58.9
5Lucien Beaumont Canada59.3
6György Ipacs Hungary59.4
7Ronald Roberts Great Britain59.5
8Vladimir Skomarovsky Soviet Union1:01.1

Tie Break

Because there were 3 swimmers with the same swim time, a tie-breaking heat was held. Two fastest swimmer advanced to the final.

1Toru Goto Japan58.5
2Aldo Eminente France58.8
3Yoshihiro Hamaguchi Japan59.1


Clarke Scholes United States57.4
Hiroshi Suzuki Japan57.4
Göran Larsson Sweden58.2
4Toru Goto Japan58.5
5Géza Kádas Hungary58.6
6Rex Aubrey Australia58.7
7Aldo Eminente France58.7
8Ronald Gora United States58.8


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