Swimming at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1936 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the ninth appearance of the event, which had not been featured only at the 1900 Games. The competition was held on Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 August 1936.

Forty-five swimmers from 23 nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Ferenc Csik
Masanori Yusa
Shigeo Arai


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 1936 Summer Olympics.

World Record 56.4 Peter Fick New Haven (USA) 11 February 1936
Olympic Record 58.0 Yasuji Miyazaki Los Angeles (USA) 6 August 1932

Peter Fick set a new Olympic record in the first heat with 57.6 seconds. In the fifth heat Masaharu Taguchi bettered the Olympic record with 57.5 seconds. Masanori Yusa equalized this record in the second semi-final with 57.5 seconds.



Saturday 8 August 1936: The fastest two in each heat and the next two fastest from across the heats advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat 1

1 Peter Fick (USA)57.6QQ OR
2 Ferenc Csik (HUN)58.3QQ
3 Romund Gabrielsen (GBR)1:01.2
4 Bob Hamerton (CAN)1:02.1
5 Paulo Tarrto (BRA)1:02.6
6 Mahmoud Kadri (EGY)1:03.8
7 Arturo Álvarez (PER)1:04.9
8 Charlie Chan (ROC)1:06.5

Heat 2

1 Masanori Yusa (JPN)57.8QQ
2 Arthur Highland (USA)59.9QQ
3 William Kendall (AUS)1:01.0qq
4 Egon Roolaid (EST)1:01.5
5 René Cavalero (FRA)1:02.2
6 Sjoerd Mooi Wilten (NED)1:03.4
7 Alberto Conrad (BOL)1:17.5

Heat 3

1 Mostyn Ffrench-Williams (GBR)1:00.7QQ
2 Jikirum Adjaluddin (PHI)1:01.0QQ
3 Heiko Schwartz (GER)1:01.8
4 Munroe Bourne (CAN)1:02.4
5 Isaac Morais (BRA)1:03.5
6 Günther Zobernig (AUT)1:03.9

Heat 4

1 Shigeo Arai (JPN)57.7QQ
2 Helmuth Fischer (GER)57.9QQ
3 Ödön Gróf (HUN)1:01.3
4 Leonard Spence (BER)1:01.9
5 Claude Desusclade (FRA)1:07.2
6 Rikhardos Brousalis (GRE)1:07.5

Heat 5

1 Masaharu Taguchi (JPN)57.5QQ OR
2 John Christensen (DEN)1:01.1QQ
3 George Larson (CAN)1:01.5
4 Zaki Saad al-Dine (EGY)1:03.7
5 Juan Paz (PER)1:05.6
6 Spyridon Mavrogiorgos (GRE)1:08.2

Heat 6

1 Draško Vilfan (YUG)1:00.5QQ
2 Hermann Heibel (GER)1:01.4QQ
3 Frederick Dove (GBR)1:01.6
4 José Obial (PHI)1:01.7
5 Leônidas da Silva (BRA)1:03.3
6 John Young (BER)1:07.8

Heat 7

1 Arthur Lindegren (USA)58.3QQ
2 Oszkár Abay-Nemes (HUN)1:00.2QQ
3 Heikki Hietanen (FIN)1:01.0qq
4 Piet Stam (NED)1:01.3
5 Poul Petersen (DEN)1:01.6
6 Roger Zirilli (SUI)1:04.1


Saturday 8 August 1936: The fastest three in each semi-final and the fastest fourth-placed from across the heats advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1

1 Masaharu Taguchi (JPN)57.9QQ
2 Ferenc Csik (HUN)58.1QQ
3 Peter Fick (USA)58.2QQ
4 Helmuth Fischer (GER)58.7qq
5 Heikki Hietanen (FIN)1:00.5
 Draško Vilfan (YUG)1:00.5
 Jikirum Adjaluddin (PHI)1:00.5
8 Mostyn Ffrench-Williams (GBR)1:01.0

Semifinal 2

1 Masanori Yusa (JPN)57.5QQ =OR
2 Shigeo Arai (JPN)57.9QQ
3 Arthur Lindegren (USA)58.7QQ
4 Arthur Highland (USA)59.4
5 William Kendall (AUS)59.9
6 Hermann Heibel (GER)1:00.3
7 Oszkár Abay-Nemes (HUN)1:01.1
8 John Christensen (DEN)1:01.6


Sunday 9 August 1936:

1 Ferenc Csik (HUN)57.6
2 Masanori Yusa (JPN)57.9
3 Shigeo Arai (JPN)58.0
4 Masaharu Taguchi (JPN)58.1
5 Helmuth Fischer (GER)59.3
6 Peter Fick (USA)59.7
7 Arthur Lindegren (USA)59.9


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