Swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the seventh appearance of the event, which had only not featured at the 1900 Games. The competition was held from Saturday August 6, 1932 to Sunday August 7, 1932.

Twenty-two swimmers from ten nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Yasuji Miyazaki
Tatsugo Kawaishi
Albert Schwartz
 United States


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 1932 Summer Olympics.

World Record 57.4 Johnny Weissmuller Miami (USA) February 17, 1924
Olympic Record 58.6 Johnny Weissmuller Amsterdam (NED) August 11, 1928

Saturday August 6, 1932: In the first semi-final Yasuji Miyazaki set a new Olympic record with 58.0 seconds.



The fastest two in each heat and the fastest third-placed from across the heats advanced to the final.

Heat 1

1 Manuella Kalili (USA)0:59.6QQ
2 István Bárány (HUN)1:00.4QQ
3 Munroe Bourne (CAN)1:01.1
4 Reginald Sutton (GBR)1:02.9
5 Leopoldo Tahier (ARG)1:05.3
6 Manoel Villar (BRA)1:08.4

Heat 2

1 Walter Spence (CAN)0:59.3QQ
2 Albert Schwartz (USA)0:59.6QQ
3 Tatsugo Kawaishi (JPN)0:59.8qq
4 András Wanié (HUN)1:02.8
5 Mostyn Ffrench-Williams (GBR)1:05.9

Heat 3

1 Zenjiro Takahashi (JPN)0:59.5QQ
2 Raymond Thompson (USA)1:02.0QQ
3 Alfredo Rocca (ARG)1:04.2
4 Joseph Whiteside (GBR)1:04.7
5 Eskil Lundahl (SWE)1:06.2
6 João Pereira (BRA)1:08.2

Heat 4

1 Yasuji Miyazaki (JPN)0:58.7QQ
2 András Székely (HUN)1:01.5QQ
3 Abdurahman Ali (PHI)1:02.2
4 Noel Ryan (AUS)1:02.9
5 Robert Halloran (CAN)1:06.9


The fastest three in each semi-final advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1

1 Yasuji Miyazaki (JPN)0:58.0QQ OR
2 Raymond Thompson (USA)0:59.3QQ
3 Manuella Kalili (USA)0:59.3QQ
4 István Bárány (HUN)0:59.4
5 András Székely (HUN)1:01.4

Semifinal 2

1 Tatsugo Kawaishi (JPN)0:59.0QQ
2 Albert Schwartz (USA)0:59.2QQ
3 Zenjiro Takahashi (JPN)0:59.5QQ
4 Walter Spence (CAN)0:59.6


Sunday August 7, 1932:

1 Yasuji Miyazaki (JPN)0:58.2
2 Tatsugo Kawaishi (JPN)0:58.6
3 Albert Schwartz (USA)0:58.8
4 Manuella Kalili (USA)0:59.2
5 Zenjiro Takahashi (JPN)0:59.2
6 Raymond Thompson (USA)0:59.5


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