Swimming at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre freestyle

The men's 100 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1924 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the fifth appearance of the event, which had not been featured at the 1900 Games. The competition was held on Saturday July 19, 1924 and on Sunday July 20, 1924.

Men's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
DateJuly 19–20
Competitors30 from 15 nations
Johnny Weissmuller  United States
Duke Kahanamoku  United States
Samuel Kahanamoku  United States


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1924 Summer Olympics.

World Record 57.4 Johnny Weissmuller Miami (USA) February 17, 1924
Olympic Record 1:00.4(*) Duke Kahanamoku Antwerp (BEL) August 24, 1920
1:01.4(*) Duke Kahanamoku Antwerp (BEL) August 23, 1920
1:01.4(*) Duke Kahanamoku Antwerp (BEL) August 29, 1920

(*) Duke Kahanamoku swam 1:00.4 minutes in the first final, which was ordered to re-swim. In the second final he recorded 1:01.4, the same time as six days earlier in the semi-final.

In the second semi-final Johnny Weissmuller set a new Olympic record with 1:00.8 minutes. In the final he bettered his record with a time of 59.0 seconds



The fastest two in each heat and the fastest third-placed from across the heats advanced.

Heat 1

1 Orvar Trolle (SWE)1:04.2QQ
2 Duke Kahanamoku (USA)1:04.2QQ
3 Kazuo Onoda (JPN)1:05.4
4 Charles Baillee (GBR)1:08.2
5 Vlado Smokvina (YUG)1:11.6

Heat 2

1 Samuel Kahanamoku (USA)1:03.2QQ
2 Ernest Henry (AUS)1:03.8QQ
3 Torahiko Miyahata (JPN)1:04.2qq
4 Henri Padou (FRA)1:05.0
5 Albert Dickin (GBR)1:06.0
6 Stanislav Bičák (TCH)1:10.2

Heat 3

1 Clayton Bourne (CAN)1:06.2QQ
2 Alberto Zorrilla (ARG)1:08.2QQ
3 Viktor Legát (TCH)1:13.2
4 Charles Kopp (SUI)1:15.0

Heat 4

1 Katsuo Takaishi (JPN)1:04.0QQ
2 Ivan Stedman (AUS)1:06.0QQ
3 Georg Werner (SWE)1:07.0
4 Émile Zeibig (FRA)1:08.0
5 Gé Dekker (NED)1:11.8

Heat 5

1 Johnny Weissmuller (USA)1:03.8QQ
2 Alfred Harold Pycock (GBR)1:05.2QQ
3 Édouard Vanzeveren (FRA)1:06.8
4 Moss Christie (AUS)1:07.2
5 José Manuel Pinillo (ESP)1:14.2

Heat 6

1 Arne Borg (SWE)1:05.4QQ
2 István Bárány (HUN)1:08.4QQ
3 Július Baláž (TCH)1:11.8
4 Dionysios Vasilopoulos (GRE)1:12.0
5 Pieter Jacobszoon (NED)1:12.2


The fastest two in each semi-final and the faster of the two third-placed swimmer advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1

1 Duke Kahanamoku (USA)1:01.6QF
2 Samuel Kahanamoku (USA)1:02.2QF
3 Katsuo Takaishi (JPN)1:02.4qf
4 Orvar Trolle (SWE)1:02.6
5 Clayton Bourne (CAN)1:06.0
6 István Bárány (HUN)1:08.0
 Torahiko Miyahata (JPN)DNS

Semifinal 2

1 Johnny Weissmuller (USA)1:00.8QF OR
2 Arne Borg (SWE)1:02.6QF
3 Ernest Henry (AUS)1:03.0
4 Alfred Harold Pycock (GBR)1:05.0
5 Ivan Stedman (AUS)1:06.0
6 Alberto Zorrilla (ARG)1:07.6


1 Johnny Weissmuller (USA)59.0 OR
2 Duke Kahanamoku (USA)1:01.4
3 Samuel Kahanamoku (USA)1:01.8
4 Arne Borg (SWE)1:02.0
5 Katsuo Takaishi (JPN)1:03.0


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