Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre backstroke

The men's 200 metre backstroke was an event on the Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics schedule in Paris. It was the first Olympic swimming event to not be a freestyle competition. It was held on 11 August and 12 August 1900. 16 swimmers from 6 nations competed.[1]

Men's 200 metre backstroke
at the Games of the II Olympiad
VenueRiver Seine
DatesAugust 11 (semifinals)
August 12 (final)
Competitors16 from 6 nations
Ernst Hoppenberg
Karl Ruberl
Johannes Drost



In the first round, there were three semifinals. The winner of each semifinal advanced to the final, as did the seven fastest losers from across all the semifinals. The semifinals were held on 11 August.

Semifinal 1

1 Ernst Hoppenberg (GER)2:54.4
2 Robert Crawshaw (GBR)3:15.0
3 Thomas Burgess (GBR)3:50.4
4 Paolo Bussetti (ITA)4:09.2
5 Lapostolet (FRA)4:34.6
6 Fumouze (FRA)5:17.0

Semifinal 2

1 Johannes Bloemen (NED)3:09.2
2 de Romand (FRA)3:56.6
3 Chevrand (FRA)4:42.0

Semifinal 3

1 Karl Ruberl (AUT)2:56.0
2 Johannes Drost (NED)3:10.2
3 Jean Leuilliux (FRA)3:10.2
4 Erik Erickson (SWE)4:05.4
5 Lué (FRA)4:10.0
6 Paul Peyrusson (FRA)4:15.6
7 Texier (FRA)4:49.0


The final was held on 12 August.

1 Ernst Hoppenberg (GER)2:47.0
2 Karl Ruberl (AUT)2:56.0
3 Johannes Drost (NED)3:01.0
4 Johannes Bloemen (NED)3:02.2
5 Thomas Burgess (GBR)3:12.0
6 de Romand (FRA)3:38.0
7 Paolo Bussetti (ITA)3:45.0
8 Erik Erickson (SWE)3:56.4
 Robert Crawshaw (GBR)DNF[2]
 Jean Leuillieux (FRA)DNF


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  2. Sources disagree as to whether Crawshaw started the race or not; regardless, he did not finish it.
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