Swedish School Beijing

Swedish School Beijing (SSB; Swedish: Svenska skolan i Peking, Chinese: 瑞典学校) was a Swedish international school Gahood Villa (嘉浩别墅), Shunyi District, Beijing.[1] As of 2012 Maria Hedelin-Björse was the headmistress. During its life the school held earthquake drills and had Chinese employees.[2] It served ages 2-12 and used Sweden's curriculum.[3] Students from all Scandinavian countries were eligible to attend.[4]


It was established in 1994.[3]

On 3 March the school council decided that the school must close due to declining enrollment, and it notified parents on 4 March. The school's final semester ended on 6 June 2015, the end of Sweden's National Day and the school closed on 30 June.[1]

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