Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

Swaragini— Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Swaragini— Join the Melody of Relationships) is an Indian television series, which premiered on 2 March 2015 on Colors TV.[2] Based on the bittersweet relationship between two half-sisters, it starred Helly Shah, Tejasswi Prakash, Varun Kapoor, and Namish Taneja.[2]

Also known asSwaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur
Written byStory
Mahesh Pandey / Akash Deep
Screenplay and dialogues
Gautam H.
Janki V.
Sharad C. Tripathi
Directed byRavi Raj
StarringHelly Shah
Tejaswi Prakash
Varun Kapoor
Namish Taneja
Opening theme'Dhere naa...'
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes469[1]
Production location(s)Kolkata
Editor(s)Hemant Kumar
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time22 min approx
Production company(s)Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited
DistributorViacom 18
Original networkColors TV
Picture format576i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release2 March 2015 (2015-03-02) 
14 December 2016 (2016-12-14)
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This show ended on 14 December 2016, completing 469 episodes.[3]


Swara Bose (Helly Shah) is a girl from a liberal middle class Bengali family, in and lives with her single mother Sharmishtha Bose (Parineeta Borthakur), and maternal grandmother Shobha Bose. On the other hand, Ragini Gadodia (Tejaswi Prakash) was brought up in a conservative traditional Marwari family, by her single father Shekhar Gadodia (Sachin Tyagi), and paternal grandmother Parvati Gadodia (Alka Kaushal). Swara and Ragini who are best friends discover that their parents were once lovers, and that they are half sisters. Swara and Ragini, now overjoyed, get their parents married with the help of Lakshya Maheshwari (Namish Taneja) who is Ragini's fiancee. Ragini calls off their marriage because Lakshya secretly loves Swara. Ragini begins to hate Swara when the latter returns Lakshya's affections. Swara and Lakshya get engaged. Enters Sanskaar Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor), Lakshya's cousin, who pretends to be mentally ill to seek revenge on Lakshya and his father Durga Prasad Maheshwari (Nagesh Salwan) because he thinks they're behind his girlfriend Kavita Roy (Nikita Sharma)'s death. Ragini comes to know about this and helps him ruin Swara and Lakshya's relationship.

Swara discovers Sanskaar's truth, clears his misunderstanding, and he apologizes to everyone. Ragini tricks Lakshya and marries him by making him believe that Swara betrayed him. Sharmishtha and Shekhar are separated because Sharmishtha believes Swara but Shekhar trusts Ragini. Swara enters Lakshya's house by faking being married to Sanskaar.

Sanskaar falls deeply in love with Swara, while helping her prove her innocence. The two end up having to actually marry. Lakshya discovers Ragini's truth. Swara, Sanskaar and Lakshya expose Ragini. Sharmishtha and Shekhar reunite and their daughters return to them. Ragini fakes memory loss to go back to Lakshya. Lakshya wants a relationship with Swara but she realises and tells him she has already moved on. Ragini manipulates Sanskaar's mother Sujata (Sonica Handa) and Lakshya's mother Annapurna (Shalini Kapoor Sagar) against Swara by making it look like she is two timing their sons. Later, Ragini is exposed and Swara kicks her out of the house. Lakshya kidnaps Ragini and after Ragini is found, he tries to kill her. He eventually goes to jail.

Parvati blackmails Durga Prasad into giving him his property to name Ragini as the owner of all his wealth in exchange for Lakshya's freedom from prison. Swara realises her love for Sanskaar but he refuses to accept her. Swara steals the property papers by replacing them with fake ones but her plan fails. Ragini becomes the owner and starts threatening the family. Swara doesn't want to divorce Sanskaar but Ragini is able to blackmail her into signing the papers.

Sanskaar's girlfriend Kavita is still alive and returns. Kavita and Sanskaar get engaged, but Kavita comes to know that Swara and Sanskaar love each other and calls off her engagement with him. Swara and Sanskar finally unite and start spending time with each other. Kavita starts planning and plotting against Swara with the help of Ragini's aunt Urvashi (Sonia Singh). Urvashi blames Sharmishtha for the death of Janki (Dalljiet Kaur), her sister and Ragini's mother. Kavita and Urvashi's plan fails. Swara and Ragini reunite. Ragini thinks that Lakshya loves her while he has been faking it to trick Ragini into signing divorce papers. Swara and Sanskaar get happily married. But Lakshya marries his friend Kavya Malhotra (Roop Durgapal), betraying Ragini. Kavya is evil but soon gets exposed and gets arrested by the police. Later Lakshya realises his mistake and he and Ragini and get remarried and consummate their marriage. Swara and Sanskaar consummate their marriage as well.

Parineeta (Akansha Chamola), wife of Lakshya's brother Adarsh Maheshwari (Tarun Singh), gets jealous of Ragini and Swara. Sanskaar's sister Uttara (Khyati Mangla) falls in love with Rajat Lodha (Mohit Abrol), a wealthy man. Rajat only wants Uttara for her wealth. Swara comes to know and Uttara and Rajat's marriage is called off. Rajat kidnaps Swara and Sanskaar follows them. Sanskaar shoots Rajat and he falls off a cliff pulling Swara with him. Swara is saved by rockstar Sahil Sengupta (Anuj Sachdeva). She regains consciousness but loses her memory. Swara returns to her parents' house with Sahil. She only remembers Ragini, Shobha, and Sharmishtha. Sahil falls in love with Swara and comes to know that Swara was married to Sanskaar. Later Swara gets her memory back.Sahil kidnaps Swara but his mother Maya helps Swara escape and gets Sahil arrested.

Sharmishtha is pregnant but Parvati and the Maheshwari family are against her pregnancy.Sharmishtha has a fall and is admitted to the hospital.The doctor tells the family that Sharmishtha has had a miscarriage.Sanskaar and lakshya's elder brother Adarsh tricked D urgaprasad into signing property papers and getting property trnasferred on his name.Adarsh and his wife Parineeta tell Maheshwari family to leave house.Actually, Parvati bribes a nurse and gives away Sharmishtha's baby to a beggar.Swara comes to know that Sharmishtha's baby is alive.Swara and Sanskaar go to an orphanage to inquire about Sharmishtha's baby and come to know that the baby has been adopted.Sharmishtha gets her baby back.

Lakshya gets involved in the drug business and Sanskaar and lakshya have an argument and fight and lakshya goes missing after that because of misunderstandings created by Adarsh.Swara breaks all ties with Sanskaar and both Ragini and she leave for their home.

6 Months Later

The show takes a 6 month-leap.Sanskaar is trying hard to find Lakshya.Swara and Ragini are running business of wedding planners.Soon,Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar find that Lakshya was alive,and he also reveals that he was framed.Swara's childhood friend Nikhil Aggrawal(Pratap Hada) who is arrived from Canada comes to help Swara and Ragini in their business. Lakshya is pretending to be Abhimanyu Khanna in Abhimanyu's house.Because Lakshya thought that Abhimanyu was accidently killed because of him.He is living in Abhimanyu's house with Abhimanyu's wife Mansi and their daughter Mishka.Actually Nikhil and Mansi had an affair and Mishka is Nikhil and Mansi's daughter.They had planned to kill Abhimanyu to get his property.Swara,along with Ragini,Sanskaar expose Mansi and Nikhil Aggrawal.The two couples reunite,and all misunderstandings gets cleared.Lakshya and Ragini adopt Mishka.The show ends and all live happily ever happy after.



  • Helly Shah as Swara Gadodia Maheshwari– Ragini's half sister; Sanskaar's wife (2015–2016)[4][5]
  • Tejasswi Prakash as Ragini Gadodia Maheshwari– Swara's half sister; Lakshya's wife (2015–2016)[6][7]
  • Varun Kapoor as Sanskaar Maheshwari– Swara's husband (2015–2016)[8]
  • Namish Taneja as Lakshya Maheshwari– Ragini's husband (2015–2016) [9]


  • Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishtha Gadodia Bose, Swara's mother, Ragini's stepmother (2015–16)
  • Sachin Tyagi as Shekhar Gadodia, Swara and Ragini's father (2015–16)
  • Anuj Sachdeva as Sahil Sengupta
  • Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Annapurna Maheshwari, Lakshya and Adarsh's mother (2015–16)
  • Nagesh Salwan as Durga Prasad Maheshwari, Lakshya and Adarsh's father (2015–16)
  • Sonica Handa as Sujata Maheshwari, Sanskaar and Uttara's mother (2015–16)
  • Amar Sharma as Ram Prasad Maheshwari, Sanskaar and Uttara's father (2015–16)
  • Tarun Singh as Adarsh Maheshwari, Lakshya's brother (2015–16)
  • Ekta Methai 2015/Khyati Mangla 2015-16 as Uttara Maheshwari, Sanskaar's sister (2015–16)
  • Akansha Chamola as Parineeta Maheshwari, Adarsh's wife (2015–16)
  • Alka Kaushal as Parvati Gadodia, Swara and Ragini's grandmother (2015–16)
  • Abhijit Lahiri as Deendayal Gadodia, Swara and Ragini's grandfather (2015–16)
  • Tanima Sen as Shobha Bose, Swara's grandmother (2015)
  • Mughdha Shah as Sulekha, Parineeta's mother (2016)
  • Mohit Abrol as Rajat Lodha, Uttara's ex-fiance (2016)
  • Roop Durgapal as Tanya Malhotra/Kavya, Lakshya's ex-wife (2016) [10]
  • Mayur Verma as Karthik Malhotra, Kavya's brother (2016)
  • Nikita Sharma as Kavita Roy, Sanskars ex-fiancee (2015–16)
  • Sonia Singh as Urvashi Kataria, Ragini's aunt (2016)
  • Sonia Shah as Kaveri Roy, Kavita's mother (2016)
  • Nupur Alankar as Gayatri Bhandari, Chirag's mother (2016)
  • Manoj Chandila as Chirag Bhandari, Uttara's ex-fiance (2016)
  • Pratap Hada as Nikhil Chatterji, Swara's childhood friend (2016)
  • Tasheen Shah as Mishka Laksh Maheshwari, Mansi's daughter later Lakshya and Ragini's adopted daughter (2016)
  • Daljeet Kaur as Janki Gadodia, Ragini's birth mother (2015, 2016)

Guest stars

Crossover episodes

Sr No. Air Date Serials
1 February 19, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
2 March 10, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
3 March 17, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu
4 March 29, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
5 April 8, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
6 April 21, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
7 May 12, 2016 Sasural Simar Ka Udaan Swaragini
8 May 20, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
9 May 26, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu


Swaragini has been dubbed in Tamil on Raj TV as Ganga Yamunaa. It has also been remade in Bengali as Kajallata which airs on Colors Bangla and dubbed in Arabic for MBC Bollywood.


2015 Gold Awards Best Actor In A Negative Role (Female) Alka Kaushal Nominated
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor In A Negative Role (Female) Tejasswi Prakash Nominated
2016 Golden Petal Awards Best Serial Swaragini Nominated
Most Stylish Personality Tejasswi Prakash Nominated
Best Actor(Debut) Namish Taneja Nominated
Best Character In A Comic Role Sonica Handa Nominated
Best Actress In Supporting Role Parineeta Borthakur Nominated
Best Actress Helly Shah Won
Best Actor Varun Kapoor Won
Favourite Jodi Varun Kapoor & Helly Shah Won


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