Svenska Cupen (women)

Svenska Cupen damer (the "Ladies Swedish Cup") is the main Swedish women's association football knock-out tournament.

Svenska Cupen damer
Region Sweden
Number of teams92
Current championsGöteborg FC (3rd title)
Most successful club(s)Öxabäck IF (6 titles)
WebsiteSvenska Cupen (in Swedish)

A separate Svenska Cupen exists for men.

Rounds and teams

  • First round – 80 teams (Division 1 and down)
  • Second round – 40 teams
  • Third round – 32 teams (Remaining teams from the first two rounds + Damallsvenskan)
  • Fourth round – 16 teams
  • Fifth round – quarter finals
  • Sixth round – semi finals
  • Seventh round – final

How district teams qualify

There are a number of districts in the Swedish football organization, and each of them receives a number of spots in the Swedish Cup, due to how many licensed players they have. For an example, Värmlands FF receives three spots and Västergötlands FF receives seven spots.

Previous winners

Seasons 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 were played as fall/spring; all other seasons were played spring/fall.

The cup was also called Folksam Cup between 1981 and 1996.

The winners are:[1][2]

YearWinner (title no)ResultRunners-up
1981Jitex BK (1)5–3 (pen.)Hammarby IF
1982Jitex BK (2)4–1Hammarby IF
1983Sunnanå SK (1)2–0Hammarby IF
1984Jitex BK (3)5–2Alnö IF
1985Öxabäck IF (1)2–0GAIS
1986Öxabäck IF (2)1–0Sunnanå SK
1987Öxabäck IF (3)2–0Jitex BK
1988Öxabäck IF (4)1–0Mallbackens IF
1989Öxabäck IF (5)2–1Jitex BK
1990Malmö FF (1)3–0Öxabäck IF
1991Öxabäck/Mark IF (6)3–2Gideonsbergs IF
1992Älvsjö AIK (1)2–1Gideonsbergs IF
1993Gideonsbergs IF (1)4–1Älvsjö AIK
1994Hammarby IF (1)2–1Gideonsbergs IF
1995Hammarby IF (2)1–0Älvsjö AIK
1996Älvsjö AIK (2)2–1Bälinge IF
1997Malmö FF (2)2–1Sunnanå SK
1998–99Älvsjö AIK (3)2–1 (aet)Djurgårdens IF
1999–2000Djurgårdens IF (1)3–1Älvsjö AIK
2001Umeå IK (1)2–1Djurgårdens IF
2002Umeå IK (2)3–0Kopparbergs/Landvetter IF
2003Umeå IK (3)1–0 (aet)Malmö FF
2004Djurgården/Älvsjö (2)2–1Umeå IK
2005Djurgården/Älvsjö (3)3–1Umeå IK
2006Linköpings FC (1)3–2Umeå IK
2007Umeå IK (4)4–3AIK
2008Linköpings FC (2)1–0 (aet)Umeå IK
2009Linköpings FC (3)2–0Umeå IK
2010KIF Örebro (1)4–1Djurgården/Älvsjö
2011Göteborg FC (1)2–2 (aet)
3–2 (pen.)
Tyresö FF
2012Göteborg FC (2)2–1 (aet)Tyresö FF
2013–14Linköpings FC (4)2–1Kristianstads DFF
2014–15Linköpings FC (5)2–0FC Rosengård
2015–16FC Rosengård (3)3–1Linköpings FC
2016–17FC Rosengård (4)1–0Linköpings FC
2017–18FC Rosengård (5)1–0Linköpings FC
2018-19Göteborg FC (3)2–1Kristianstads DFF

Clubs by title

Total cup wins by club
Club Winners Runners-up
Öxabäcks IF61
Linköpings FC52
Umeå IK45
FC Rosengård[lower-alpha 1]42
Jitex BK32
Älvsjö AIK33
Djurgårdens IF[lower-alpha 2]33
Göteborg FC31
Hammarby IF23
Sunnanå SK12
Gideonsbergs IF13
KIF Örebro10
Tyresö FF02
Alnö IF01
Bälinge IF01
Kristianstads DFF02
Mallbackens IF01


  1. including results as Malmö FF.
  2. including results as Djurgården/Älvsjö.


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