Sven Lodziewski

Sven Lodziewski (born 17 March 1965 in Leipzig, Saxony) is a former freestyle swimmer from East Germany, who competed for his native country at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Sven Lodziewski

Medal record
Men’s swimming
Representing  East Germany
Olympic Games
1988 Seoul4×200 m freestyle
World Championships (LC)
Representing  East Germany
1986 Madrid 4×200 m freestyle
1986 Madrid 200 m freestyle
1986 Madrid 4×100 m freestyle
Representing  Germany
2001 Fukuoka 4×100 m freestyle
European Championships (LC)
Representing  East Germany
1987 Strasbourg 100 m freestyle
1987 Strasbourg 4×100 m freestyle
1983 Rome 4×200 m freestyle
1985 Sofia 200 m freestyle
1985 Sofia 400 m freestyle
1985 Sofia 4×100 m freestyle
1987 Strasbourg 4×200 m freestyle
1983 Rome 4×100 m freestyle
1987 Strasbourg 4×100 m medley

There he won the silver medal in the 4×200 metres freestyle, alongside Uwe Dassler, Thomas Flemming, and Steffen Zesner. He swam for SV Dynamo.


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