Sushi pizza

Sushi pizza is a Canadian dish that originated from Toronto and a fusion of sushi and pizza often served in the Greater Toronto Area, invented by Kaoru Ohsada no later than May 1993 as a Nami Japanese Seafood Restaurant chef.[1] It uses a slightly crispy yet chewy fried rice patty as the base and is topped with a layer of sliced avocado, a layer of sliced salmon, tuna or crab meat, a drizzle of blended mayonnaise and wasabi powder and is served in wedges. Nori, pickled ginger and roe are sometimes also served as toppings or sides.[2]

Sushi pizza
Sushi pizza
CourseMain course
Place of originCanada
Region or stateToronto
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsFried rice patty, salmon, avocado
Food energy
(per serving)
312 per serving (151g) kcal

Due to the popularity and wide availability of the dish in Toronto it has quickly become one of the city's signature dishes, along with the peameal bacon sandwich.[1]


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