Survival (UFO)

"Survival " is the thirteenth episode aired of the first series of UFO - a 1970 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth. The screenplay was written Tony Barwick and the director was Alan Perry. The episode was filmed between 30 June 30th to 10 July, 1970 and aired on the ATV Midlands on 30 December 1970. Though shown as the thirteenth episode, it was actually the fourth to have been filmed.[1][2]

UFO episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 13
Directed byAlan Perry
Written byTony Barwick
Production code6 June to 18 June, 1969
Original air date6 January, 1971 (ATV Midlands)

The series was created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill, and produced by the Andersons and Lew Grade's Century 21 Productions for Grade's ITC Entertainment company.[3]


Under the cover of a meteor shower, a UFO manages to evade SHADO's tracking and land on the moon. An alien then manages to get close enough to Moonbase to shoot out a window of the Leisure Sphere -the resulting explosive decompression kills an astronaut inside and almost kills Foster.

Straker orders a search of the vicinity around Moonbase using moon mobiles and they locate the UFO in a crater. The UFO shoots at the moon mobiles whereupon the interceptors are called in. They destroy the UFO as it tries to take off and it crashes into Foster's moon mobile. Thrown clear, Foster is slightly injured in the explosion and spacesuit's radio transmitter is broken. SHADO believes that he has been killed.

Foster is not alone, however, as the alien has also survived. The two adversaries realize that to survive they need to co-operate on the walk back to Moonbase. They get close to their destination but a search team locates Foster believing the alien is a threat. Foster is unable to contact this search team due to his broken radio, and they shoot and kill the alien.[4][5]




  • Suzan Farmer — Tina Duval
  • Robert Swann — Bill Grant
  • Gito Santana — Alien
  • Ray Armstrong — Rescuer
  • David Weston — Rescuer

Production notes

Locations used for the filming included Neptune House, BBC Elstree Studios, Borehamwood; and Windermere Hall, London.


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