Sunnyside Up

Sunnyside-Up was a black and white weekly variety program produced at HSV-7 Melbourne, during the late 1950s and early 1960s.


The program was hosted by race-caller and radio broadcaster Bill Collins, with comedy by Syd Heylen (Sydney from Sydney), Honest John Gilbert, Syd Hollister, Maurie Fields and Val Jellay. Singers included Shirlene Clancy, Ron Lees, Val Ruff, Tony Jenkins and Neil Williams.


Helen Reddy and Olivia Newton-John also appeared on the show before gaining fame overseas.


Host Bill Collins won a Logie Award in 1959 in Outstanding Performance. The program itself won a state award in 1962 for Most Popular Program in Victoria.


The theme song was "(Keep Your) Sunny Side Up", from the 1929 American musical film Sunny Side Up.

The predecessor program was Club Seven. The successor was The Penthouse Club.

Similar program in Adelaide

ADS-7 Adelaide had a similar program On The Sunnyside compered by Blair Schwartz, with Mary MacGregor, Mary McMahon, Lynn Seward, Mike Neil, Rick Paterson, Angela Stacey, Ian Boyce and the ADS7 Ballet. The "Over The Fence" comedy segment featured Peter celier and Max Lawler. In 1962 On The Sunnyside became The Sunnyside Show.[1]

Pictures at the State Library of Victoria


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