Sunday with Miriam

Miriam Meets... is an Irish radio talk show. The programme began initially in July 2009, as a summer filler, presented by Prime Time and Saturday Night with Miriam presenter Miriam O'Callaghan. The show is broadcast on a Saturday morning.

Miriam Meets...
Running time50 minutes
Country of origin Ireland
Home stationRTÉ Radio 1
Hosted byMiriam O'Callaghan
Produced byYetti Redmond
Liz Sweeney
Claire Prior[1]
Seamus Hosey[1]
Recording studioDonnybrook, Dublin
Original release11 July 2009 – present

In August 2009, it was announced the programme will have a permanent slot on a Sunday morning, just before The Marian Finucane Show.[2][3] The programme is sponsored by Airtricity.[4]


Miriam Meets.. originally began an eight-week run, to fill in for Eamon Dunphy's Conversations with Eamon Dunphy, while he had summer holidays.[5] Dunphy later announced he would cease presenting the programme.[6] RTÉ confirmed in August 2009, that the programme would move to a permanent home on Sunday's at 10.00.[2]


The programme has similarities to Dunphy's programme, but features two guests compared to one.[4] The two guests are connected through "love, life or family ties". Like Conversations with Eamon Dunphy, the guests are asked to request three pieces of music.[1]


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