Sun (film)

Sun (Italian: Sole) is a 1929 Italian silent drama film directed by Alessandro Blasetti and starring Marcello Spada, Vasco Creti and Dria Paola. The film was set around the planned draining of the Pontine Marshes by Benito Mussolini's Fascist government.[1] It was shot partly on location, which added a sense of realism. Mussolini was impressed by the result and described it as "the dawn of the Fascist film".[2]

Directed byAlessandro Blasetti
Written byAldo Vergano
Alessandro Blasetti
StarringMarcello Spada
Vasco Creti
Dria Paola
Vittorio Vaser
CinematographyGiuseppe Caracciolo
Carlo Montuori
Giorgio Orsini
Edited byAlessandro Blasetti
Augustus Film
Release date
16 June 1929
Running time
76 minutes
Italian intertitles

The film was destroyed during the Second World War, and survives only in still photographs.[3]


  • Marcello Spada as Ing. Rinaldi
  • Vasco Creti as Marco
  • Dria Paola as Giovanna
  • Vittorio Vaser as Silvestro
  • Lia Bosco as Barbara
  • Anna Vinci
  • Rolando Costantino
  • Rinaldo Rinaldi
  • Arcangelo Aversa
  • Arnaldo Baldaccini
  • Sante Bonaldo
  • Vittorio Gonzi
  • Igino Nunzio


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